iPhone qualifies  a phone case Named “EZ Charge Case” said to be carried power adapter

iPhone qualifies a phone case Named “EZ Charge Case” said to be carried power adapter

Do you still get into trouble of bringing the power adapter wherever you go? Perhaps you will get rid off this dilemma, because there is a phone case has been certificated by Apple MFI, however, the most highlight is putting  into the power adapter .

Recently, this case named as “EZ Charge Case” gains some attentions, which is not only provided with power bank to be used to charge for iPhone, but also carrying a charging plug.

It is learned that this case has two versions of standard version and Pro version,  among of them , the former one doesn’t carry jacket battery , while the later one carries 2000mAh battery capacity and charging plug, so the thickness is very thick, as well supports for each type with 4.7 inch size and 5.5 inch size product in the late generation of iPhone 6.

As the price, which respectively $ 25 ( 172RMB), and $45( 308RMB).

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