First to look Huawei Honor V9 : with 4000mAh battery capacity, 12MP RGB + 12MP Monochrome/ 3D dynamic panorama and artificial intelligence algorithm

First to look Huawei Honor V9 : with 4000mAh battery capacity, 12MP RGB + 12MP Monochrome/ 3D dynamic panorama and artificial intelligence algorithm

In Feb 21st, Honor launched the first flagship of Honor V9 and the Youth version of Honor 8 in Beijing Industrial University Gymnasium, in which the former one subjects to “ Fast”, and the later one subjects to “ Face Score”. To be honest, the Youth version of Honor 8 is basically the parity of Honor8, so the users are more tender to expect Honor V9 with saying as “ Ultra speed flagship”.

As a brand for young users, the designers pay great attention to face score, in which Honor V9 via a full new design to make its face score is more outstanding than Honor V8, and the most importance is that it also solve the contradiction between the ultra thin body and long endurance.

Although both of them design in full metal body, Honor V9 uses the innovation inverted U shape architecture, to make more components are accommodated in smaller space to achieve 6.97mm thickness storing 4000mAh battery capacity. As comparison, the last generation of Honor V8 also featured a 5.7 inch display, but the thickness reaches to 7.75mm, and the battery capacity just only 3500mAh, even putting them on the market to compare with the similar specs of the phones, Honor V9 is still in the lead.

When holding, feel more rounded than Honor V8, because of narrow bezel matching with appropriate arc. Compared with Honor V8, Honor V9 utilizes Nano injection molding process for separating metal plate showing more magnificent, what’s more,there are Platinum Light Gold / Magic Night Black / Charm Flame Red / Aurora Blue available for options.

It powered by a 5.7 inch screen with 2560×1440 pixels of resolution, brings exquisite pictures, and accurate color rendition, also provides pro eye- protection mode to filter the blue light and reduce visual injure.

The fingerprint sensor module is set on the back cover, which can offer a batter of single operation stability for the big screen size of the phone. USB Type -C adding provides more simple usage method to the users, and with more advantage on data transmission speed and charging speed aspect.

Honor V9 adopts the latest Kirin 960 chip, in which this chip uses the new generation Cortex-A73 architecture of ARM, that the biggest character allows CPU maintaining high performance output status.

As the other performance details, we use Geekbench 4 software to take a comparison, as the picture shown, in the mainstream flagship chip level of currently market, Kirin 960 relies on single core of 1491 score raking second, and multiple core of 6130 score ranking first, among of single core result is second to Apple A10 Fusion chip.

Kirin 960 first to use Mali G71 MP8 GPU in the world, compared with last generation, Mali G71 makes Kirin 960 graphics processing performance soared 180 %, at the same time, the efficiency also increases by 20%, so what is the purpose of the improvement, generally speaking, which provide more batter smoothness when you playing big shape of games.

Honor V9 also uses the camera combinations of 12MP RGB + 12MP Monochrome, that can realize two times of sunlight and sensor area, upgrading to the third generation of dual shooting technology, in which PrimISP dual lens image processor with lite OS algorithm making camera stars faster, and the full new Binning mode pixel and brightening algorithm bringing more sunlight , to let night shooting more faster more clear.

The shooting function mainly adds Monochrome camera and 3D dynamic panorama, furthermore, Honor V9 is the first type phone to support for dual shooting 3D modeling, and 3D creative shooting mode, which can be used to shopping performing 3D dressing in the future.

The reality shooting test shows Honor V9 has a fast focusing speed, and very simple operation, just need to press shutter that you can see an excellent pictures. The pictures as followings.

EMUI 5.0 is the domestic first system that base on Android 7.0 depth customized, this system can solve the Android phones’ caton issues. Aims at Android system internal core to optimize, make the application load/ switch, image browsing, and database query operation more smoothly, especially F2FS intelligence file system, which can active sort out the phone’s debris, together with IO storage optimization technology,known as using 500 days still doesn’t caton.

EMUI 5.0 also takes artificial intelligence algorithm, which can initiative to learn the users’ habits, intelligently schedule the resource by predicting the user’s behavior, significantly shorten the application start-up time, that means the time you use longer, the phone know about you more, naturally the application load faster.

Security has always been the characteristic of EMUI, EMUI 5.0 also pushed out the full new payment protection center, which can add WeChat , and Alipay application, to make them absolutely isolate from system, offers more security online payment.

In a word, this time Huawei makes contribution to Honor V9, wanna uses all kinds of leading design to make it outstanding, such as ultra thin body+ longer endurance, fine workmanship+ fashionable color , flagship performance + non caton system, monochrome dual lens + dual shooting 3D modeling and so forth, all of these let Honor V9 almost flawless.




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