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Huawei P10 Highlights: Equips with Three Leica camera , supports 4.5G Network

In MWC 2017 of Feb 26, Huwaei has Officially released the new flagship called Huawei P10 Huawei P10 Plus. Which is very stunning in both of designing and configuration aspect , and P10 matches with three Leica cameras, now, let’s look at what impressive highlights it will bring to us .

Appearance design   
On appearance side, Huawei P10 and P10 Plus still continue the classical design of previous P series, but there is a new breakthrough on craft. Huawei P10 uses metal drill carving process, which makes the whole body presents a diamond luster.

Furthermore, it can also be obviously seen a change on out-looking, that is the fingerprint sensor is set on the front facing having integrated design with glass panel, edge without kerf.

Huawei P10 first to add “ Green Vegetation”, which is fashionable color of  PANTONE in 2017, put “ it” into metal body, bringing a new look of visual enjoyment,
Showing the phone becomes more dynamic.

New generation Leica lens  
We have witnessed the second generation of Leica camera’s shooting capability, however, Huawei P10 as well loads the new generation of Leica lens. It comes with camera combinations of 12MP RGB + 20MP Monochrome, among of RGB camera is used to color rendition, while monochrome camera is used to adjust picture’s brightness, catch the details, improve phone resolution, also with higher light transmittance and sensitivity.

What’s more, the new dual Leica camera also supports 3D face detection functionality, which the face detail sampling points up to 190. 20MP monochrome sensor plunks for collecting more accurate contour information, base on accurate sapling face and facial contour calculation and rendering algorithm, adopts full new 4-in -1 hybrid focusing system to make the details sampling more faster and more accurately.

It is worth mentioning that the front facing camera also be Leica lens, which the pixel is 8MP with f/1.9 aperture, that the selfi-timer has a significant improvement. It can automatically switch selfi-timer mode and wide angle group shot mode in accordance with the number of characters on the screen.

Top flagship  
Huawei P10 utilizes its own top level chip of Kirin 960, in which uses 4×A73+4×A53 architecture, the max CPU is 2.4GHz, that the efficiency increases by 18% compared with last generation.

While the GPU is Mali G71MP8, its performance promotes by 18%, efficiency promotes by 15%, and power consumption promotes by 40%, compared with last generation. It can support 3D big games running smoothly for a long time.

EMUI 5.1 system  
Huawei P10 loads EMUI 5.1 system that base on Android 7.0 depth customized, with depth study function, so it can monitor each application system’s behavior via learning the user’s usage behavior, target to deploy resource, recycle system resource, ensure a smooth using experience in a long term.

EMUI 5.1 system connects with HUAWEI Ultra Memory technology, which can achieve defragment , intelligent memory compression, automatic memory recovery, application starting speeds gets a great improvement compared with last generation.

4.5G network  
Huawei P10 displays an outstanding performance on network connection side, for example, WIFI dual antenna design can effectively improve network speed and signal receiving ability,making the connection more smooth.

It uses LTE *1(4×4 MIMO) antenna design, supports 4.5G network, not only can improve LTE conversation quality, but also supports LTE CAT12 high speed network.

In a short, the upgrade of Huawei P10 and P10 Plus is very sincere, such as, the full new color, further optimization fingerprint scanner, three Leica camera, flagship level of Kirin 960 chip, 4.5G network supporting and so forth.

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