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Apple iPhone8 released three selling points: OLED screen, super large battery, 3D Sensor

This year is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple company is about to launch its new-generation smartphone iPhone8. The market speculated that iPhone8 will be Apple’s revolutionary new-generation mobile phones, in addition to the significant changes in appearance, will also include some important new features. Foreign website ValueWalk collected some rumors of the iPhone8, and sort out the iPhone8’s new design and new function. As follows:


According to TrendForce reported this week, Apple company said that the iPhone8 memory will not have too many changes. TrendForce said, iPhone8’s largest body storage will be 256GB, in addition, there will be also 64GB to choose from. This information is clearly from the Apple supplier. The same information source also shows that the iPhone8 will provide 3GB RAM.

iPhone8 to provide 3GB RAM is very likely, because these years the iPhone running memory increased by 1GB each year. However, before the iPhone provides consumers with three different fuselage storage options, so Apple to reduce storage options is a bit surprising. Perhaps Apple has concluded that the 128GB version of the iPhone7 performed poorly.

OLED Screen

One thing seems to be certain that the iPhone 8 at least one model will use OLED screen. Many people are really looking forward to Apple will adopt OLED screen, like Samsung, from LCD screen turn to OLED screen. OLED has several advantages, but Apple is particularly valued OLED advantage in power efficiency.

However, OLED is relatively expensive, it may make the iPhone8 price more than $1000 in the US market. For mobile phone, this price is already high enough. However, Apple’s market share and brand loyalty are higher, which means that it may be able to significantly increase the price while maintaining sales.

Three models

It is not yet clear whether each iPhone8 will use OLED screen. However, people are increasingly convinced that Apple will launch three different styles of iPhone8, one of the largest specifications will have a 5.8-inch screen, the other two with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen.

Full glass design

Apple will give up the iPhone7 aluminum alloy back cover, return to the so-called glass mezzanine design. Compared to the trend of smartphone appearance design in recent years, iPhone8 all-glass design will be a major change. In other design changes, iPhone8 will significantly narrow the screen frame, try to use a full screen design.

Larger battery

According to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty research report, iPhone8 will use a larger battery, and has a longer battery life.

Katie Hughbetti believes that the Chinese market is the main power to promote new technologies and new design, including the iPhone 8 more advanced AI software and wireless charging. On whether the iPhone 8 will really use wireless charging technology, there are still some controversy. If the Apple iPhone 8 really use wireless charging technology, it will become the most advanced technology in the current smartphone market.

3D sensor

Morgan Stanley analyst Katie Hughbetti also mentioned KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s another prediction on the iPhone8 . Kuo Ming-Chi said that the iPhone 8 will include a revolutionary self-timer camera. The camera will use an infrared sensor to detect the position and depth of objects within its field of view, thereby effectively generating 3D images.

Guo Ming-Chi thought that this technology can be used for facial and iris recognition, so that the 3D self-timer becomes possible. The technology will also support virtual reality and enhance practical applications in the future.

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