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Sony Xperia XZs runs 4GB memory, will open for sale in April

Sony Official indicated that several new phones shown in MWC,of which three types will come into Chinese market, including Sony Xperia XZ Premium,Xperia XZs and Xperia XA1 Ultra. In compliance with news exposed on microblog @Zackbuks, we get to know that Sony has confirmed that the first type will be opened for sale in China is Xperia XZs, which is going to Officially list in April.

Xperia XZs as the upgrade version of Xperia XZ, in terms of the overall configuration, although it is not good as Xperia XZP, the list time is more earlier.

Of cause, the reason why Sony Xperia XZs can so fast to be available in the market reflects in two aspect, one is it is not suffer from Snapdragon 835 processor, the other one is the designing is basically the same as Xperia XZ that covering ALKALEIDO metal body, main camera’s position, sensor position layout, moreover, the similarities also are side fingerprint scanner and front facing dual loudspeakers included.

Meanwhile, Xperia XZs will be the first phone equips with three layer stacked camera sensor, loads the main camera pixels of 19MP, which uses the full new sensor components, and removing the trouble that need to reduce pixels in the past scene mode, which can absolutely supports full pixel photo in the general mode, manual mode, and scene modes shooting function.

Furthermore, this phone provided Motion Eye camera also comes a full new “ Pre- shot mode” functionality, the major features present on shooting moment, for example, if the phone detects the object is moving in the screen, it will automatically  press the shutter key to capture 2 to 4 photos of last second, predicting which the picture probably becomes the photographer needs, then the users can select the photos they like.

It is worthy of mentioning that Sony Xperia XZs is the first phone works 4GB in Sony family, this configuration is not curious for other brands, but it is a new start for Sony  long- term using 3GB. What’s more, it powered by a 5.2 inch IPS screen with 1080 pixels of resolution, loads Snapdragon 820 processor, operates 32GB/64GB eMMC ROM storage, and 64GB version is dual SIM version.

Another functions also containing pre-install Android 7.0, utilizes USB-C port, and the camera as well supports PDAF, and matching RGBC-IR sensor, but the battery capacity just only 2900mAh, plunks for QC 3.0 Fast Charge. It is learned that there comes Blue / Silver / Black three colors for options, and Blue version will be the main color style, the sales price would be 4999RMB approx.

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