Simple comparison: One Plus 3T vs Huawei Honor V9

Simple comparison: One Plus 3T vs Huawei Honor V9

Before long, Huawei officially released the new flagship -Huawei Honor V9, which relies on high face score, dual camera, fast operation, high cost-effective, receives lots of praise, today, let’s take it compared with One Plus 3T that also receives lots of praise.

Type One Plus 3T Huawei Honor V9
Screen size 5.5inch 5.7inch
Resolution 1920×1080 2560×1440
Processor Snapdragon 821 Kirin 960
Fingerprint scanner front fingerprint  Back fingerprint
Memory 6GB +64GB 6GB+64GB
Front camera pixel 16MP 8MP
Main camera pixel 16MP 12MP+12MP
Network Connectivity network/Dual SIM dual standby Connectivity network/Dual SIM dual standby
Battery capacity 3400mAh 4000mAh
Fast charge Dash 9V/2A fast charge
Price 2699RMB 2999RMB

The above data aims at 6GB version for comparison, from the hardware that can bee seen that each of them has their own advantages, but in terms of scree size, battery capacity, and main camera pixels, Huawei Honor V9 is better, however, One Plus 3T even better on processor, front facing camera pixel, and price aspect.

The details workmanship of One Plus 3T also be an area obtains various high opinion, which shows on body curvature processing and polishing usage. The media and users have a comment that only hold it can you know where its true beauty.

The different positioning make these two phones with different users. Since One Plus 3T list to up date, there are two sides have got all of the medias and users’ accept, one is shooting effect, and the other one is DASH, half an hour can charge more than 60% power from zero, and 70 minutes approx can completely full charge, what’s more, no matter you play the games or watch movies, that doesn’t affect charge speed.

As the fingerprint scanner, One Plus 3T set the fingerprint in the front, but Huawei Honor V9 put it on the back cover, there is no function key in the front, many task keys are set into scree insider, the only one you can see is Honor LOGO.

One Plus 3T featured a 535 inch display with 1080 pixels resolution, and its battery capacity is 3400mAh, while Huawei Honor V9 featured a 5.7 inch 2K screen, with 4000mAh batter capacity.

From a single of the appearance of view, both of them are high face score flagship phone, which one would you prefer.



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