Xiaomi 5C Review: Pinecone surge s1 chip, supports fast charge

Xiaomi 5C Review: Pinecone surge s1 chip, supports fast charge

In Feb 28, Xiaomi released Pinecone Surge S1 chip and Xiaomi 5C that loads this chip. The processor is a key for a phone, Surge S1 as Xiaomi’s first smartphone chip, which positioning at high-end market. Xiaomi 5C designs in unibody, featured a 5.5 inch screen, affords 12MP on main camera. But in fact, what experience result shall it bring, let’s look at the essay as below.

Appearance: Symmetrical beauty  
Xiaomi 5C uses nano injection integrated metal design, with 5.15 inc screen size, the whole dimension just only 144.38mm X69.68mm X7.09mm, and the weight is 135g, also has 1.66mm border. It built-in 16LED, the brightness high to 550nit, equips with 2048 level smart brightness adjustment function, which allow you to smoothly adjust the brightness when the internal light change, chip backlight control to let your eyes more comfortable.

Xiaomi 5C with high contrast of 1500:1 that makes the black color more deep, the white color more bright, has 94.4% NTSC high color saturation,supporting eye-protection mode simultaneously, which can reduce the users’ sense of fatigue when reading for a long time by cutting down the blue light in the screen.

The front panel takes white as main color, the head with symmetrical design, at the bottom is the Home Key but integrated in fingerprint scanner.

The back design keeps the style same as most of phones-three stage shape, the upper and lower are not metal material, but plastic material. What’s more, it offers Matt Black /Champagne Gold / Rose Gold for options.

For the main camera, that the pixel is 12MP, and single pixel ups to 1.25 μm, with 14-bit dual cores ISP(image signal processor) architecture that can provide more large image handling capability.

Performance: Pinecone Surge S1
Surge S1 as the first smart chip of Xiaomi firm, which utilizes high efficiency octa- core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, positions at high-end market. The big.LITTLE  architecture design can assure performance and power consumption perfect balance, the large core is 2.2GH quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, and small core is 1.4GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, in GeekBench’s multiple core testing, in which the score is in the lead compared with mid- range Snapdragon 625 processor. The GPU adopts Mali-T860 MP4 to provide the best performance on condition of lowest power consumption. Compared with last generation, the performance of Mali-T860 increase 1.8 times, in the same performance status, which reduce 40% power consumption. Surge S1 supports TEE security architecture, provides chip security protection, isolates the key information.

Surge S1 supports GSM/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD five modes 23 bands network, VoLTE, chip level pseudo- base station and high speed rail mode.

In An-tu-tu test, Xiaomi 5C got 62279 running points in opening performance mode, just only got more than 40 thousand points. As Chinese first processor exhibited, Surge S1 shows outstanding performance. Furthermore, it runs smoothly when playing the games, and heating phenomenon is not obvious.

Shooting: 1.25um single pixel  
Face to rapidly growth in demand for mobile phones camera, the Pinecone engineer spent lots of energy on “ Camera brain” ISP. ISP surge is Xiaomi company’s first SoC, but the one of prodigiously innovation high performance modules, which uses 14- bit dual cores architecture, and the single lens max supports 36MP.

In dark scene,double noise reduction technology can significantly control noise generation, while won’t lost the image details.

Endurance: Surge fast charge
Xiaomi 5C equips with a 2860 battery capacity, supports surge fast charge technology, higher to 9V/2A 18W power. A song time charging that can play Wechat for two hours.


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