Meizu Meilan 5S disassemble review: Fine workmanship, supports 18W Fast Charge

Meizu Meilan 5S disassemble review: Fine workmanship, supports 18W Fast Charge

Meilan series product is known for high cost -effective, among Meilan 5S as the first phone released in 2017 obtains admiration from the users. It use unibody metal material, which the overall texture and hand feeling with a great improvement, and Fast Charge technology also makes its experience gets significant promotion, next, let’s look at what presentation shall workmanship shows via disassembling.

Meilan 5S designs in full metal body, remove two fixed screws at the bottom, then using sucker to separate screen part from the back cover.

While undo the back cover, as we can see all of the components are set on the screen part, however, there is less component covered, just only several antenna contacts.

Next, we need to disassemble the Motherboard, the only thing is undo the screws, pluck the cable, that the Motherboard can be removed.

The above picture respectively shown Motherboard front facing/ back, shield cover,  and front and rear side of camera. It can be seen that the workmanship is really good, for example, the chip part protective by shield cover that is benefit for heating.

Then, let’s look at its chip layout, the yellow is 32GB storage chip, red is MT6753 processor integrated 3GB memory, navy is MT6169V RF chip, the green is power amplifier chip.

For the back cover, there is not much chips because of SIM slot, the biggest chip is MT6328V power management chip that positioned at lower right with purple color.

There is little bit components on small circuit board, so the main part is the charge / data port, and vibration unit.

As the camera aspect, Meilan 5S uses camera combinations of 13MP( left picture)+ 5MP(right picture), in which 13MP is the main lens with 5 lens framework, supports PDAF, but 5MP is front facing lens with 4 lens framework, has F/2.0 aperture.

The “ Toxin”- mBack key integrated in fingerprint scanner function, with the best operation experience in currently Android phones.

It equips with a 3000mAh battery capacity, supports max 18W mCharge technology, 30 minutes can charge 56% power, matching with Flyme power-saving optimization, makes the phone displays an excellent endurance.

From the dismantling, we can see that its workmanship is awesome, absolutely affordable 799 RMB price.

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