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Xiaomi Mi 6 Teardown Review: To see how is the Craftsmanship

Xiaomi 6 is the Flagship phone Officially released in April, loads Snapdragon 835 processor, powered by 5.1 inch display, 3D- glass screen material. Equips with two versions of 6GB+ 64GB /6GB +128GB. Today, I will show you the teardown process for this phone.

For this teardown is 6GB+128GB with Black color version.

Step 1:Remove SIM card tray
It extended use Xiaomi 5S dual Nano- SIM, supports connectivity network, but the difference is Xiaomi 6 adds a ring of waterproof rubber into the tray. As you can see left picture in the below , the putting method is different from the other phones we disassembly before.

Step 2 : Remove back cover
Xiaomi 6 with waterproof function, use the same design as the most waterproof phone, that stick the cover to fuselage.First to use heat gun heating the phone for one minute with 70 ℃, next use the sucker to draw a gap at the bottom, then insert the pry piece carefully open around.

It can bee seen that the dual lens positioned in the cover inner with buffer sponge, the red frame right side is flash mirror. In the yellow frame part is graphite heat sink covers with a big area. And the cover uses a ring of double-side adhesive foam to fix, not the same as Xiaomi Mi 5 buckle method.

Step 3: Interrupt power supply
First to remove protector plate and the battery BTB port shows, use 1.5mm Phillips screwdriver to undo the 9 screws, then it can removed, the area display on the plate is NFC.

After remove protector plate you will find the battery port FPC is under heat dissipation film, tear off heat dissipation film then can interrupt power supply by pull battery BTB.

Step 4: Disassembly Motherboard

1.Remove the motherboard: prize up RF joint, main FPC, screen, right side button, rear camera, sensor module BTB. Next, remove a silver screw, turn up the motherboard from bottom, and take it out.

2.Remove the Pre BTB in motherboard: tear out front facing copper foil, prize up front facing BTB that on the back of motherboard, and take down. The front camera with 8MP, uses SONY IMX268 sensor component.

3.Remove sensor module: It is stick on the back of motherboard, slightly stir up.

Both of the camera pixel are 12MP, picture as shown below, in which of the left is the main camera with four-axis optical image stabilization, also be the wide-angle lens, uses SONY IMX368 component. While the right is telephoto lens, uses Samsung S5K3M3 sensor component.

4.Remove the earpiece
It set on the mid frame, which is the same as iPhone 7 to be integrated loudspeaker. In other word, Xiaomi Mi 6 takes dual loudspeaker design.

Step 5 : Teardown loudspeaker BOX and subplate
1. Undo 7 screws, then take out loudspeaker BOX, notice to take out vertically, because the side is antenna port.

2.Remove the subplate: open the other end BTB of main PFC, and draw out the antenna cable, here are two small chips, and be carefully undo the silver screw. Part of subplate back paste on the mid frame, gently til, then you can take it out.

The sunplate is the same as before that equips with main MIC and Type-C port, however, Xiaomi Mi6 not use 3.5mm jack, but use Type-C handle the video output.


Step 6: Remove the battery
The battery uses adhesive ( easy to pull) fixed, in total two pieces. When remove the battery, you can see that it has 3250 battery capacity, supports the same QC3.0 fast charge as Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 5S.


Step 7: Check mid frame parts

At the bottom is FPC of screen TP part.

The below red frame picture is fingerprint FPC. Xiaomi Mi 6 utilizes GOODIX IFS fingerprint scanner technology,which the advantage is to not only remain the original out-looking design, but also satisfy a narrow frame design, and the most importantly reach waterproof and dust-proof effect. The screen and fingerprint are the integrated, which can not disassembled separately.



In a short, in terms of teardow processing, Xiaomi 6 is the same as Xiomi Mi 5, and Xiaomi Mi 5S, easy to disassemble.

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