Apple Announced iPhone X OLED screen issues

Apple Announced iPhone X OLED screen issues

Since iPhone X released, which is very hot. For iPhone X, the most break through is to use OLED screen, this is the biggest change on iPhone in these 10 years.

OLED with lots of advantage, just like the slim body, power saving, and display effect are more outstanding, but the screen burned, screen aging follow using issues, that is also its own characteristics, difficult to ignore.

Now, Apple announced some matters need to pay attention about iPhone X, mainly saying some issues on OLED screen, especially indicated when you sideways to watch the screen, there is a slight change on screen color and chroma, this is OLED its own issues.

Furthermore, Apple said after for long using, screen shows the new image, the display also shows weak residual image, and the screen color changing and aging is a normal phenomenon, please notice that.

To suspended this effect, Apple has added solutions in iOS 11, simply to say is to avoid showing static image at max brightness within a long time, besides to reduce  brightness, you can close OLED screen in time without operating the phone status.

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