OnePlus Explain Why They Choose Dash Charge Not Wireless Charging

OnePlus Explain Why They Choose Dash Charge Not Wireless Charging

Tow days ago, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau published a post on OnePlus’s forum to talk about the 3.5mm headphone port and explained what they keeping this device. Meanwhile, the users gave suggestions on adding Wireless Charging or not. Today, Mr. Lau shares his ideas about Wireless Charging, said most of us have a sens of cool for Wireless Charging, but one point he wants to tell us is Wireless Charging is a mature thing, nothing to dazzle, thinking that Dash Charge still be a good choice in view of current technology states and optical experience.

The First reason is that Dash Charge charging speed faster than Wireless Charging, when the electricity runs out, just need to insert the cable to charge that Dash can high-power charge, then can meet your one day need for a while charging. As if the electricity is not enough for using, Dash can solve this issue with a few minutes, which is not necessary for you to put the phone on a mounted panel to charge.

Furthermore, it need to make the phone thicken if add a wireless charging winding, which against our dedication to make the phone light and thin. Wireless Charging also needs a charging pad matching with the phone, then can operate. Wireless Charging with a slow speed, if a Wireless Charging pad work for multiple devices, it will more slowly. In a word, Dash is better that’s because it more faster, more convenient.

The second reason is that Dash charge one time can provide enough electricity,allows to play the the phone while charging,of cause only Dash can do, no matter watching TV series or playing the games, Dash can fast charge for the phone, and the heating is very low, such a experience is very great.

As far as concerned,Wireless Charging dazzle performance is not fit its reality functions, brings inconvenience in daily. For example, you are not able to play the game or shot while charging, combine with the current weak Wireless Charging filed basic infrastructures, instead brings lots limits.

Mr. Lau also said the reason why they prefer Dash Charge to Wireless Charging, that’s because they wanna to see whether they can offer a better using experience. If there is a better experience in a suitable time, they would adopt this technology, just like Wireless Charging, but they still keep using Dash Charge before this technology coming.

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