Full-Screen Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Edition Has Side Loudspeaker ?

Full-Screen Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Edition Has Side Loudspeaker ?

AS the screen of big manufacture, Samsung doesn’t fall behind in the full-screen trend. Like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are very stunning thanks to its full visual curved screen that can be regarded as the king of high beauty-value android phone. However, in recently, there comes rumors about Samsung will push a new mid-range full-screen phone -Samsung Galaxy A7 2018.

What we can see on the below leaked picture is that Samsung Galaxy A7 back shape uses mellow design similar with S8, bring a good sense of viewing impressions, in addition, the up and down part makes ultra narrow, fingerprint scanner below the single rear camera, it seems that the phone doesn’t equip with Iris identification.

For the other sides,this phone will pack a 18.5:9 aspect ratio full visual full-screen, front facing matches dual camera, probably adopt Face ID technology. But, it is worth noticing that designing makes a difference as previous Samsung phone, which looks very special because Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 sets loudspeaker on the side of the phone.

In compliance with the rumor news, Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 edition is going to to be launched at the end of this year, come into market in January 2018.

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