Why your phones response slowly ?

Why your phones response slowly ?

I believe most of us have a common problem that phone becomes response slowly , non response, and screen auto shut down since using for a period of time. So what reasons caused by, and how can avoid this phenomenon occur? Today, I will tell you, hope it will be useful for you.

1.Processor is the one of reasons cause slowly response, because it directly related to phones running , and task programs processing speed. So, a strong processor can make the phone more smoothly, longer time usage.

2.Memory, that is normally saying RAM and ROM, which controls background task running and its smoothness, the faster read or write, the faster software opening  and loading speeds.

3.System is an inextricable part of phone smoothness, system optimization does in better, hardware makes full uses of its performance, to let phones keep a high speed operating.

1.Software Cleaning: generally speaking, phones comes with cleaning software, click Phone Cleaning in Mobile Manager clean up the current running programs to release running memory.

2.Turn off Push Notifications: most phones have push functionality, pushing massages irregularly, which would be the killer to make the phone cause slowly response, non response, screen auto shut down. Thus, please close some unnecessary software massage push notification (Click Notification in Setting Application)

3.Turn off power on self-triggering software: since most software installed that default auto-start when power on, to result in receive manages at any time, and occupy memory on background to lead phone response slowly.Opening Phone Manger then click software management to close self-start authority.

4.Software Moving: normally, the phone supports memory SD card also supports for software removing.

5.System Update: when the phone remind system can can update, please do it in time, that’s because every update, it will recovery the founded issues,and reaches optimization effect making the phone more smoothly.

6.Void multiple application tasks operating in one time, clean up trash regularly.

To let the phone has a long time usage and smoothness, please as much as possible chose the one with strong hardware while buying,

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