OnePlus 5T Teardown/ Disassembly in 11 Steps

OnePlus 5T Teardown/ Disassembly in 11 Steps

As it known that OnePlus has a good reputation in the market since it born. Few days ago, its new annual flagship OnePlus 5T, a full-screen phone comes, I think most of you guys have got and take a great experience on this phone. Today, let me show you how to disassembly it.

Now, let’s begin.

Step 1: Power off, then remove SIM card slot.

Step 2: Use T1 screwdriver undo two six angle plum screws at the bottom of the phone. Then use prying tool to turn up a grip around phone side, until buckles full drop. Flip back cover on right side, then can open. It can be seen that fingerprint scanner with foam fixed.

Step 3: Cut off fingerprint scanner cable, use tweezers separate cover plat on the tail plug connector top, the cover plate without any screws, just need to turn up, then back cover completely separate from front screen module.

Step 4: Undo four screws at the bottom of back cover, then separate common module connected by date and earphone port, which the data port takes sealing design, and nudity circuit was glued. Turn to back, it can see that earphone port also takes sealing design, around it with black sealing rubber.

Here is earphone port font and back module.

Step 5: At the bottom of back cover, beside above mentioned module, there is an other scenario pattern slider component, it fixed in two screws, we need to remove it. Take out its surface metal cover plate, there is a circle sealing glue fixed under it, that can effect prevent water seep into the hole damaging internal components.Takes tweezers remove module cable.

Step 6: separate components on Motherboard. First to cut off power cable, next undo screws around motherboard, then take out bottom right cover plate.

Step 7: Cut off display cable and PCB cable, please notice there is a coaxial cable connected, so carefully take down the Motherboard. On the front facing of Motherboard we can see that the top part with big fillet design, all the nudity circuit are glued, and connector also with sealing foam. Look at the back of Motherboard, to offer an area to earphone, which the top center do in small folded motherboard, shield case surface coverage metal heat sink, as well SIM slot included.

Step 8: Separate  cameras on Motherboard, front facing camera fixed by a JCT-A.  Main camera fixed by metal cover plate, the aperture is more bigger, supplementary camera aperture also reaches to F/1.7, compared with its predecessor OnePlus 5, but it is regrettable that camera still not support optical steadyshot.

Step 9: Undo six screws at the bottom, then take down loudspeaker module.

Step 10: Use crowbar to cut off display cable connection, subplate and coaxial connector, and then bottom PCB cable can separate.

Step 11: Remove battery.

The above is all teardown process.

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