How Huawei Honor V10 shows its performance?

How Huawei Honor V10 shows its performance?

In Nov 28, Huawei held a new releasing conference around thesis of “ I Love Fast AI”, launched the latest V series phone – Huawei Honor V9, it is hard imagine such a flagship phone sales from $ 408.06 price, for its Kirin 970 chipset, 18:9 aspect ratio, and 20MP +16MP dual cameras.

Huawei Honor V10 offer three versions, among of 4GB+64GB version sales $408.06, 6GB+64GB version sales $453.41,while 6GB+128GB version sales $529.01 price, as well there are Black / Blue /Gold /Red four colors for options. Now, let’t look at how it shows its performance and workmanship.

1.Out- looking design
As we know Honor V10 predecessor Honor V9 set fingerprint scanner module on the back, but it is great that Honor V10 takes front facing fingerprint scanner module, as well uses full-screen design,powered by a 5.99 inch screen display of 1080 pixels resolution. it is notice that this fingerprint scanner module can not with pressing operation, and there is not virtual buttons on its left and right sides, multiple tasks return operation finish can via Home Key gesture or screen internal virtual buttons.

Huawei Honor V10 uses USB -Type C port, the left side is 3.5mm earphone jack, right side is microphone and loudspeaker holes. What’s more, it can be seen that phone is fixed by screws to convenience for teardown.

As its camera layout, which has dual main cameras, not set together, the right side is a single color temperature LED.

2. EMUI 8.0 Face ID system
Be the same as Mate 10, Huawei Honor V10 carries EMUI 8.0 system that base on Android 8.0.0.For several days experience, what convenience brings us is the Face ID technology, which the speed is very fast, just need to take up the phone, then can do this unlock action.

However, Face ID can not unlock by facial pictures, furthermore, it also adds open eyes unlock function, if eyes with closed status, Face ID can not unlock.

Huawei Honor V10 takes dual camera combinations of 20MP RGB + 16MP monochrome,seeing on real taking pictures, daylight image with a great performance, color reduction degree is really high, and the nightlight noise control makes satisfactory.

4.Kirin 970 AI processor
Huawei Honor V10 loads Huawei owns Kirin 970 processor with AI chip. It uses A73 architecture advanced 10nm processing craft, made of four big and small cores. Four Cortex-A73 core, the new heterogeneous computing architecture has about 50 times energy efficiency and 25 times performance strength, which means Kirin 970 can with more less power consumption to fast finish AI computing task.

5. Endurance
Huawei Honor V10 matches a 3750maAh battery, supports low voltage fast charge. To test its charging capability, using up its electricity to zero, then charge for 30 minutes, that with 45% power. After full charge, use it to shot pictures, play videos, net chatting, web browsing, play games, play music, and read E-BOOK for 5 hours, it last 45% power. From this test and electricity data, which battery endurance is very good.

In a word, Huawei Honor V10 Kirin 970 brings a powerful performance, EMUI 8.0 also brings Face ID, and its price price is quite reasonable. It will open for sale at Huawei Official Site in Nov 12, 10:08AM.

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