Which is more better shows on OnePlus 5T, Huawei Honor V10

Which is more better shows on OnePlus 5T, Huawei Honor V10

“ Full-Screen” is the most hot words in the second half of the year, since Sept, various full-screen phone frequently coming, for what make us impressed is the wider vision and more shocking visual effects. OnePlus 5T , a flagship phone, known well by us, and now, OnePlus Official has announced a software update for, that is Android 8.0 H2OS system. Flagship phone are so many,Huawei Honor V10 is one of them, in of these two phone with the name of full-screen, top performance, also with similar price, so what is better? Today, let’s take a comparison!

Which is better on screen quality  
As full screen phone, in which of the screen is most important section. OnePlus 5T takes a AMOLED screen ,while Huawei Honor V10 takes a TFT LCD screen. As all we know that AMOLED display with a better color and contrast, not only the effect is much better than TFTLCD, but also in the case of full-screen phones cost large power consumption, AMOLED display turn off all the pixels when the screen out because of its self-luminous features, as well do less power, to offer powerful guarantees for OnePlus 5T endurance capability.

Which is stronger on configuration     
OnePlus 5T loads Snapdragon 835 processor runs two version memory of 6GB/8GB, as for Huawei Honor V10, it loads Kirin 970 runs two version memory of 4GB/6GB,. In terms of data, both of them with outstanding performance, because these two chipsets are the top phone chip at present, but OnePlus 5T max works 8GB memory, Honor V10 max works 6GB memory, it can be seem that OnePlus 5T gets advantages on Memory aspect.

In Antutu running points, OnePlus 5T gets 180 thousand,and it worth noting that OnePlus 5T scores obviously than Huawei Honor V10.

Which is better on shot     
Shot has been naturally became an important for a phone, all these two phones use dual camera, meanwhile with the same pixels of 16MP+20MP, the difference is OnePlus 5T update its camera sensor, carries dual aperture F/1.7, while Huawei Honor V10 loads F/1.8, f/2.0 aperture. Thus, it shows OnePlus 5T with more better shot effect and bokeh, also with more clear image in the dark environment.

Furthermore, OnePlus 5T Lava Red has open for reservation, goes on sale in JD.com in January 1st, January 3th in OnePlus official website.

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