Xiaomi Mi 7 to have two edition 5.65 /6.01, dual camera ,  exhibits on March

Xiaomi Mi 7 to have two edition 5.65 /6.01, dual camera , exhibits on March

A new year coming, a new topic comes, I think Xiaomi Mi 7 has been gone to you guys’ mind, it seems that its meeting date is coming closer, although the launch date hasn’t announce. In some days ago, since Xiaomi official confirmed to put Wireless Charge on Xiaomi Mi 7, now, the other news appearing on the net indicating that this new phone will feature a 5.65 inch screen display, meanwhile Xiaomi Mi 6 will be also stopped for the productions. As if the news are true, combining with previous news of Xiaomi Mi 7 would take Samsung 6.01 OLED screen, which means there will be two versions born.

Two versions will born  
It is noting that if this leaked phone as 5.65 in full screen, that is fits for the former leaked news, in compliance with an exposed blog by a net friend,said” do you like 5.6 inch Xiaomi Mi 7, or 6.01 inch “, which seems to means there will come two editions. In addition, this net friend also leaked the 5.65 inch will make out a model as like 5.15 inch display, and battery is 3200mAh about.

As for the 6.01 inch would make out model closed to 5.5 inch screen phone, and the battery added to 3500mAh about. No matter news is true or not, a truth is Xiaomi purchased numbers of 6.01 inch OLED screen from Samsung, so the rumors would be a reasonable thing.

Snapdragon 845   
In terms of present rumors, the purpose pushing out two version on Xiaomi Mi7 would related with structured light Face ID. More concretely, which 5.6 inch will be a normal version full screen of 18:9 aspect ratio named Xiaomi Mi 7 , and the price may get the same as Xiaomi Mi 6, while 6.01 inch named as Xiaomi Mi 7 Plus would takes Samsung OLED abnormity display, loading structured light Face ID, naturally provide higher price.

There should be non suspense that Xiaomi Mi 7 and Mi 7 Plus carry Snapdragon 845 chipset, and it is said cameras would take IMX380+IMX350 sensor groups runs pixels of 12MP+20MP. Furthermore, it is possible for Xiaomi adding AI technology on these two phones,and said to officially launch in March.

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