Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ New features: Face recognition Merge with Iris, Appearance changed

Details about Samsung Galaxy S9 reveals frequently, and there come out a special feature that named ass“Intelligence Recognition”. It can be said this“Intelligence Recognition”compose two ways of Face and Iris Recognition,to improve the device unlock security, can be used to phone unlock and safe payment.

As is known that Iris recognition always be as the main function to use on Samsung itself flagship handset, to get unlock via camera and infrared scanning users’ iris Iris information, but which of this Iris recognition with a little slow unlock speed than fingerprint recognition,meanwhile that the speed would be weak in dark environment.

However, in compliance with the latest diagram leaked this“Intelligence Recognition” can bring the same unlock speed experience in the daytime and night, which has not show on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, so it is possible to exhibit with S9.

Besides“Intelligence Recognition”,let’s review previous exposed news about Samsung Galaxy S9.

A little change on the appearance

In the earlier, rendering of S9 leaked the out-look difference is not big between it and S8 series,which the front facing still uses “ Full Visual Curved Screen”, the downer part comes a little smaller, but the back camera and fingerprint modules located in the same direction of vertical, this should the most difference from S8.

In these two day, the other pictures leaked, which shows rumors that the front facing with a little change, and it can be seen that the bezel seems to become more wider.

Back camera gets update

shot is the main feature for Samsung Galaxy flagship product all long, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will equip with a 12MP camera supporting ultra slow video shot, and at the same time, the aperture can automatic switching according to the light.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy S9+ will take dual camera that pixels both are 12MP, and the front facing camera offers the same pixels of 8MP to S9 / S9+.

Configuration Upgraded

On configuration side, S9 series still keeps the normal upgraded, that is it has two processor versions, Snapdragon 845 and Samsung Exynos 9810, comes with 4GB memory +64GB storage, on the contrary, S9+ will upgrade to 6GB + 128GB.          Now, Samsung has announced they will officially launch Galaxy S9/S9+ on Feb 25th.



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