UMIDIGI ONE: Glass Back render like iPhone X, Supports Global LTE Bands

UMI new phone -UMIDIGI S2 Lite just be available for users, and now, comes other news revealed that UMI will be with an international smartphone named as UMIDIGI ONE, which would be the first international version from UMIDIGI.

The UMIDIGI ONE could become more interesting than what we thought initially, especially for international customers. All the news turns back to a source in UMIDIGI,  claiming that they have made a few technical breakthroughs.

The most exciting news is that UMIDIGI ONE allegedly support for 36 global bands and over 21 international LTE bands, also a better 4G internet is available for European countries.

The other surprising news to be worth mentioning is that on the back UMIDIGI ONE with CE and FCC certifications,which means UMIDIGI obtains official permission allowed to enter the American market.

Since its phone are provided to more countries, UMIDIGI is suspected to expand its territory towards to America, India, Canada, Australia, Brazil, etc, as well UMIDIGI users will experience the supreme phone worldly, carrying them around the world without band bother, that will soon come true.

The source not only mentioned that the special global band, but also implied that UMIDIGI ONE gonna to have iPhone X- like glass back render. In addition, the back cover with the “1”, is it a fingerprint unlock or just a logo? Let’s expect more news in the coming months.

Here’s the breakdown of the LTE bands supported by the UMIDIGI ONE:








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