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What is T1 Line Speed?

Allowing information to travel in both connections along the same line, the T1 delivers a speed of 1.544 Mbps. Due to the nature of the way its designed, it is primarily for business use and not home-use, as costs will commonly go up to a few hundred dollars per month minimum. For businesses, the T1 provides unparalleled performance in relation to how many users are currently online. There will be very little downtime and speeds will generally stay the same, allowing potential losses to be averted, outweighing the costs in the first place. Thankfully, the T1 line speed comes in a few different packages to adapt to whichever company wishes to use it. Bell Labs invented the T1 connection for use in Japan and North America. It was designed to be made from copper, and was for a way, but has recently moved on to fiber optics, which provide increasingly faster speeds. The means of connecting to a T1 line is by the business bypassing phone lines and connecting to a server for access.
Below are several methods of T1 connection, each one affecting the cost and performance of it, providing a means for many businesses to gain internet access without downtime.
The first is the integrated T1, which allows the dedicating of any of the 24 digitalized phone line voice channels available to whichever form of information you like, between either telephone or data.
By using fractional T1 line, you choose a lower amount of the total bandwidth available to form a percentage of the full rate.
Burstable T1 connections allow more bandwidth during traffic spikes and pay as you need.
The bonded T1 connection is actually several T1 connections combined together to increase speed and performance.
While T1 lines are up to sixty times more powerful than traditional modems, there are many equivalent options that allow for even higher performance options. T3 is 28 T1s, providing 45 Mbps. OC3 is 84 T1s, providing 155 Mbps. As the number goes higher, the number of users supported increases and as such the higher connections are developed with bigger companies in mind.
Whether a small business wants an uninterrupted internet connection or a huge company wants thousands of users online and connecting to customers, the T1 connection and its variations offer unprecedented performance for an acceptable cost each month. While not justified for home use, the future holds many alternatives that will likely provide a connection to suit everyone.

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