How to Save $1,000,000

I lost $1 million by making the following mistake with my business, so listen closely as I share my failure with you, so that others won’t have to go through the pain of learning this lesson:

As enterprising people we have a tendency to preconceive how we should accomplish our goals and try to follow them exactly as the vision in our heads directs us. When we take this ambition to an extreme it does not honor the process of discovery and the journey that entrepreneurship naturally is.

When an outcome does not manifest itself the way you would like, you should realize the lessons you’ve learned, and heal your pain by sharing this with others and helping them to avoid the same mistakes.

For example I once hired someone because I was desperate. I had allowed my business and my work load to get out of hand. I had done a great job of attaining clients, but soon found myself frantically working 14 hours a day, drowning in the work.

Not only was I living in counterbalance to my values, putting money and control first instead of my family, but I also did not listen to my intuition and my inner voice during the hiring process that said “this person is not a good match for my values.”

I was fooled by the green monster. Not jealously – greed! I had allowed my pain and my desire to keep the money flowing make the decision when I was hiring. I suppressed my intuition many times over the year that this woman worked for me. My inner voice became louder and more intense as the months rolled on and I wasted valuable time by choosing the false sense of peace from a desire to please other people over the truth my intuition was telling me.

This happened some time ago, and I have come to peace with the experience and the lesson that was meant for me to learn. I believe that everything happens because I am meant to learn from my experiences. I guess I had to lose an amazing amount of money to realize that intuition is the doorway to living your truth and there is no exception.

I can now say I am grateful for that situation because I will never again ignore my intuition. This experience allowed me to tap into my energy, take note and connect my head and my heart. I suggest you take inventory the next time you hear your little inner voice and listen.

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