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How to use YouTube and Online Video for your Business

I frequently tell people that I have over 200 videos on YouTube. But I am not telling the truth… I actually have MANY MORE than 200 videos but even more on other online video sharing and distribution websites. Perhaps you have heard of Google and Yahoo? Did you know that they have their own video sites as well? And then there are the lesser known video sites like, a website supported by Will Ferrell and Judd Apatow (FunnyorDie). But for you and your business, you will want to check out From here you can upload 1 video to several dozen video sharing websites. That means that with 1 video you are able to reach the people who aren’t hanging out on YouTube all day. And that means that your video aka your “business commercial may be seen by not just millions, but BILLIONS! But wait – there’s more. If you act now, we will also tell you about the fact that each of these video sharing sites also come with tags and links that are extremely valuable to your online presence.

If you have been paying attention for the last 2 years of my blog posts and newsletters, the most relevant results at the top of the search engines for your keywords will be the most popular and authoritative sites. To be the most popular, you need to have INbound links to your website. Videos are another way to get those links.

And if you act now and call me, I will even throw in a full year subscription to my newest video here: Salem Global Internet Marketing Videos

In all seriousness, in addition to the links, you never know WHO is going to be watching your video. And don’t make it all Steven Spielberg and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your video shoot. Get a flip cam like we do and use a Mac or Windows, and Adobe or Pinnacle software to edit your video. Have your kids do it. An intern. Create a library of videos. Become not only the wordsmith authority on the internet for your industry, become the video authority as well. Tell people who you are, what you do and what procedures you perform. What services your company has. What products you sell.

If you want to know more about me, my company, and my videos, check out our YouTube channel: Youtube. And if you want know more about internet marketing, call me 212-993-5828, email me or visit my website at Next week we will get more into videos, what you should say, how you should act and some directors and producers tips.

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