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5 Programs to make you more productive with your Computer!

Make Windows run smoother and faster!!

Hey let’s face it, Everyone is always looking for a good way to make your Windows Machine work faster and quicker. I already talked about some of this with Windows 7 Optimization for Beginners. Now I want to expand on that and tell you about programs that I have come across that will make your life a lot simpler and keep your system running at peak performance.

Clean up your Desktop by using Fences –  This is a really handy little tool for those of us who have a bunch of desktop Icons.   This will simply make all those icons that you don’t use very often disappear until you need them.   Great little tool, so you can enjoy your background even more.   Set up which fences you want to hide until you need them and you will have a less cluttered desktop.   For the Mac, You can try Lifeclevers Tip on how to do it!
The Ultimate Windows Tweaker — This has over 150 tweaks for Vista and Works just fine for Windows 7.   Great little tweaker to make your computer more productive.   I have used this on my clients computers and it does a great job making Windows more responsive and less annoying.   You can even tweak the UAC(User account Control) using this program.
Make Windows Start Menu easier to Use (Startmenu7) — Great little way to make Windows 7 Start Menu look and feel like Windows Vista or even Windows XP.   You will be able to be more productive with this little tool.    I have this on my sandisk drive when clients want to make Windows 7 more simpler.
Unistall Programs Completely (Revo Uninstaller) –  Although this program is a 30 day trial, this is a good program to buy because it will go through and look through your registry and completely remove any trace of a program from your computer.    This will keep your systems running at it’s best and will keep your registry clean also.   Great buy for those systems that may be gaming systems.
Clean Windows Thoroughly by using CCleaner — I can’t tell you how many times I go into a customers house and how by using this little program I can speed up their system just by getting rid of all the junk that accumulates from cache files, unused registry items, and other files that need to be deleted or fixed by this little program.

These are just five of my favorite programs to help keep Windows running as smoothly and keep me being productive on any machine.   If you use these programs you will notice your productivity going up, I can almost guarantee it.    If you have any suggestions about other programs that are good just leave a comment.   I’d like to test out other programs that might even better than these.

Have a Good Friday, See you Monday!!

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