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6 tips to manage your working time


Emails continuously come, the phone repeatedly ring and a working schedule full of meetings?

You worried because tasks can’t be done as scheduled? There is only one solution: manage your tasks. These are some advices to help you to escape from passive situation.

Schedule a time to replying your email, instead of instantly replying any single email as it came. In the morning, open your Inbox, use 30 minutes to reply all your emails, then close your mail box and check it again only once or twice more in the rest of the day.

It is not very easy to work when the phone repeatedly ring. If you don’t want to be disturbed, use the auto answer function in your phone. If it do not have that function, try to deal with a colleague in the office. Ask her if you can help answering her phone calls in the morning and she can help answering yours in the afternoon, that will give you more concentration on working. When all work is done, it’s time to listen to the phone box and answer if necessary.

When all the work done, the presentation and the client meeting was over, the last thing you should do is dance a Chiristine waltz in the office, drink coffee, talk about the show on the TV last night. Don’t chat with your colleagues and make the office become an entertainment place! To keep it quiet,…….. Or you can take some time to relax beside the coffee maker.

When you start, the deadline is usually far away. Instead of slowly doing several closed-to-the deadline tasks at the same time, let’s take 2 hours per week to do far-from-the deadline tasks.

Make a To Do List for everything you need to complete. Instead of let the tasks pile up and then weigh down on you, let’s separate everything you have to do, including most important things and smallest but urgent tasks. Sort them, underline priority tasks and dash on completed ones. You should also continuously re-manage your tasks to prevent the forgetfulness.

If you do your tasks closed to the deadline, you will have no time to do just arisen tasks or answer just arisen questions in the meeting. Nothing can not happen, so let’s make backup plans instead of let everything fall into disorder. Don’t let yourself confused or stressed by planning time for arisen tasks.

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