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Mobile Monopoly 2 Review: Mobile Marketing is About Tapping Into People’s Sweet Spots.


You know that there have been 3 huge waves recently, you’ve probably have been using all three of them.

1) The DotCom Boom – this is where it all started. The Internet grew fast and it has made many people millionaires and billionaires.

2) The Social Media Boom – YouTube, Facebook, Web2.0, there’s so much activity and buzz around, it has become a part of people’s daily activities.

3) The Cell Phone Boom – This is how Adam Horwitz like to call it. With Over 5 Billion users on mobile, as compared to 1.5 Billion users on the internet, this market is huge with untapped potential! This is where we’re heading next. Mobile Marketing is still in it’s infancy, think about the potential to market anything anywhere and tapping into the huge evergreen market. This is Ultimately A Huge unexposed market you can make a killing from!

One big thing about mobile marketing is that, you can hit people right on the spot with your offers, about what’s on their mind or what they are doing at that moment, for example:

People tanning on the beach, the ladies are probably there thinking, “I wish I could get more tanned”. The next moment they look at their phone and see “Tanning CPA offers”. You see how’s you can reach these people at the right time and on the right spot? Nothing can be better then that!

And what’s even more interesting, are the 3 things that you always take out of the house when you leave. You know it and I know it.

Your keys, wallet, and your.. cell phone!

This is a huge huge thing, and Adam Horwitz will show you exactly how to do it in Mobile Monopoly 2.

No one have really figured out mobile marketing, but Adam has really found the key little formula to get in there. This is something that you can jump in right now, and be one of the first to be a part of!

Let me give you a challenge!

In just 3secs, think of 3 people that you know (friends, family, etc.) who does not have a cell phone right now? Do it now!

Can you do it? I know it’s tough and I bet you can’t do it. It’s tough because cell phones are really about everybody and everyone around you, and for all those people who have a cell phone is a part of their lifes. People around the world are texting 24/7, sending MMSes, surfing the web etc. For people with smart devices like iPhones, iPad, BlackBerry, no matter it’s on Windows Mobile or Android cell phones and tablets, they are all browsing application, browsing the internet is easy, and they are making phone calls obviously because it’s a comunication device. If you can provide the right information at the right time and hitting people’s sweet spots, there is no shadow of a doubt that people will love you for what you do!

This is the future, and Adam have the methods to get in with all those different avenues of making ton of money with mobiles in Mobile Monopoly 2.

Imagine if you want to collect the whole bunch people in a rock concert event onto your list, which you can market to every single day, (if you want to) for the rest of your life. I’m not saying they will subscribe to you, but if you keep a good relationship with them, there’s no reason that it will not happen.

Adam Horwitz has been able to build his list, in one month, of 20,000+ people, with just ONE niche in mobile marketing

That’s 1 month, 1 small niche, 20,000+people!

With such people on your list forever, you can just make more and more money with them, building relationship at the same time, and really make a killing!

This is huge, you gotta jump right into it. Find out how it all works below!

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