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The Plugable USB 2.0 10 Port Hub The Perfect Addition For A Lot Of Computer Systems

How often have you needed to hook up a few different things by using a USB port. The difficulty starts if you have 3 items to connect but you have only 2 USB ports on your computer system. And the challenge continues to compound itself when you’ve got even more things to link up. This is why the Plugable USB 2.0 10 Port Hub is such a fantastic invention. When using this unit you will have the ability to connect up to 10 more items that require a USB port.

First of all this unit will let you hook up 10 USB’s working with just one USB port. This really is incredibly helpful if you need to connect many different things. For instance this can truly help if you need to connect your printing device, charge your mp3 music player, connect an external hard drive, attach a webcam, work with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, and so many more items. You should be able to see how beneficial a unit like this can actually be.

This is really a self powered device that also provides over current detection to help give protection to anything you connect. Another thing you may like to know is that this unit not merely works with Windows computer systems but you can furthermore use it with a Mac. And if that wasn’t enough this can additionally be used with your Wii, PS3 or even your XBOX and on and on. This really is the answer to your deficiency of USB ports troubles.

One thing that I like about this unit is that 2 of the USB ports can be swiveled to point in different directions which can really come in handy. This makes it quite simple to hook up flash drives or anything else that will require more room than simply a simple USB wire. And the fact that you will find only USB ports on two sides really makes this a more sensible choice than the units that have USB ports on all 4 sides. If you’ve ever acquired one of the all sides USB ports models you know what a mess it can make out of your wires. The swivel function is wonderful however I have not noticed that element on the all side hubs.

Another thing you will find this unit is great for, is to charge any items that can be charged with a USB. However this is actually far better for charging since you don’t have to have your laptop or computer on to use this unit as a charger. It will work with just about any product that may be recharged with a USB port. If you really need to charge up your cell phone but don’t want to turn your computer on to do it, now you don’t need to.

Unlike other units that may just have 4 or 5 ports and costs about $40 this product can be obtained through Amazon for less than $30. For those times you discover that you have to have more USB ports, this device is defiantly something you should look into.

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