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Top 10 Web Browsers for Your Computer

There are some absolute worst things in the world and slow internet is one of them. No matter what OS you have, a slow internet will ruin it all. Apart from speed, a good browser must also provide proper security. Henceforth, take a look at top 10 web browsers for your computer.

1. Google Chrome – When one mentions Chrome, only two words are enough to describe it – fast and reliable. It is one of the best web browsers available on the internet. It was launched in 2008 and now it is one of the most used and one of the fastest browsers available.

2. Firefox – This web browser was launched in 2004 and since then it has earned a respectable reputation in the world of internet. Mozilla Firefox provides a secure as well as fast browsing experience. You can also enhance your browser by adding add-on features to it.

3. Internet Explorer – There is a joke that goes – “where do use Internet Explorer? Ans: To download other web browsers”. However, Internet Explorer is a very good web browser that not only lets you download other web browsers (kidding!!) it provides some great features for Windows’ users. This browser is custom-made for Windows and was launched in 1995, which makes it one of the oldest players.

4. Opera – This is again a very old web browser which was launched in 1994. It has been used extensively for browsing and has over 270 million users. Its unique features let you browse quickly. There is a mobile version of Opera called “Opera Mini” which is very popular browser used in mobiles as it makes browsing a cakewalk.

5. Safari – It’s an Apple Inc. product, hence all you can say is its reputation precedes it. The web browser was launched in 2003 by Apple and now it has become one of the most frequently used web browser of Mac and iOS users.

6. Maxthon – This might not be the most popular currently, but it will be in a few years. Though it lags on its speed but it has some amazing and unique features such as customizable looks, themes and skins. This browser is sure to change your browsing experience.

7. Rockmelt – It is one of the fastest-growing web browsers and is commonly known as a social web browser. The browser was launched in 2010 and is one of the fastest among the ones available. This is a unique web browser whose special focus of Google Search is on Facebook, Twitter and similar social media.

8. SeaMonkey – This is an open and free internet suite launched in 2006. It allows users almost every privilege such as all sorts of internet browsing, e-mail sending, chatting, etc.

9. Deepnet Explorer – This is a browser developed by Deepnet Security and supports Microsoft Windows only. It lacks in terms of internet security.

10. Avant Browser – This is one of the most popular browsers that lets the users browse internet with good speed accompanied with security. Launched in 2004, Avant has some great features and a user-friendly interface.

So, which one are you using?? Remember you always have Internet Explorer; to download better ones, of course!

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