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The Complete Instructions for Creating a Discord Bot

Create a Discord bot

If you want to create a Discord bot, you’ll want to start out by installing Node.js, a JavaScript-based programming language. Then, you’ll be able to install and run Discord.js, a framework for building Discord bots. After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to start creating the bot’s framework. A simple, functional bot can be created by following this pattern: control input, process input, output control output.

Create a Discord bot

To be honest, there is something very fulfilling about designing your own bot from the ground up and then seeing it in operation on your server.

This guide will take you step by step to the finish line.

Make use of the fast navigation icons below to go through this guide and quickly discover what you’re searching for!

Making a Discord Bot

Discord Symbol
After reading this article, you’ll understand how to create your own bot in five major programming languages (including a ‘zero code, no programming necessary’ option), as well as how Discord bots or kahoot ninja bot  function behind the scenes.

We’ll begin by reviewing the fundamentals. After all, how do Discord bots work? What transpires behind the scenes? Following that, we’ll get into developing bots in Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, and even mobile programming platforms.

After that, we’ll teach you how to develop your own Discord bot with no coding required, the simplest way to get a bot up and running (in less than 15 minutes…), and then some more sophisticated subjects like 24/7 bot hosting, getting your bots online, and idea creation to assist you in creating the next great Discord bot craze.

Let’s get this party started…

Discord Bots: What Are They?

Discord bots are basically “automatic robots” that connect to and react to events on your server. They’ll appear in channels just like any other user, with the only significant distinction being their blue “bot” tag.

Your normal Discord bot is programmed/coded in the background and is told what to perform when it detects a trigger you set. This implies that when anything occurs in Discord, your bot observes it and responds appropriately. You have the ability to program that action.

A fantastic illustration of this is the ping pong bot seen below. When the bot is online, it is actively listening to all chat messages on my channel.

Each time a chat message is received, the bot receives a notice from the Discord API informing it that “Hey, we got a callback/event!” A message was sent through chat!”

Following that, the bot scans this message and searches for the term “ping.” If it encounters the term ping in the message, it answers with the phrase “pong!”

Ping Pong Bot in Discord Server

This is a simplistic example, but this is basically how back-end bots function.

When specific events occur in your Discord channel, the Discord API notifies your bot (Application Programming Interface).

If your bot has code to handle an event, it traverses the code and executes the section of code connected with the event.
We developed code in the ping-pong example to handle any new chat messages (our event trigger).

This code searches for the word ‘ping’ in any new messages and, if it finds it, sends a chat message to our channel using the Discord API. Our bot now has an official voice!

Discord Bots in Action (Flowchart) Libraries Make Life Easier
The good news is that hundreds of packages have been written to make the Discord API simpler to use. Rather of creating low-level code and managing a large number of web requests, a library takes care of everything for you.

To put it simply, libraries condense all the Discord API has to offer into a manageable collection of instructions. You can then use these instructions to construct your bot with far less code and effort.

Throughout this course, we’ll be referencing Discord API libraries to make everything simpler to absorb and understand. Indeed, we see no reason why you would not utilize a library! It comes highly recommended and will save you much time.

Behind the Scenes of Discord Bots

We discussed how Discord bots function in broad terms, but let’s go a little deeper.

Consider the figure below:

On the left are Discord users, or those who are connected to your server.

In the center is the official Discord server and API, which are managed and administered by Discord.

Your bot server is located on the right and may be either your own computer or a professionally hosted server that is available 24 hours a day.

Finally, on the right, you’ll see your bot code. This is the real code that powers your bot and enables it to perform its functions.

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