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Are You Ever Stuck For Ideas

Are you ever stuck for ideas concerning what to write about? I am sometimes and sit staring at the screen or outside through the wheel in the wall for ages. Sometimes I go for a walk to clear my mind and get a fresh perspective on things. Fresh air always helps.

I love reading and sometimes a phrase in a book will jump out and beg me to write about it. I love it when this happens as it is usually something out of left field and my mind buzzes. I get the same thing watching TV. It could be a situation in a program, something an actor has said or just something I see in the background. I love looking behind the actors or hosts.

One of my favorite programs is the Antiques Roadshow and when they talk to the owner of where they’re broadcasting from, I look at what’s behind them. Especially in old buildings. Or in shows that are set in earlier times. It’s amazing what you can see when you change your focus.

That’s what I mean about getting out of the office when I’m stuck. I’m changing my focus and allowing my mind to go in new directions. I’ll see a plane flying over and think about those people on-board. The holidays or vacations just starting or finishing. The family just left behind or waiting at the airport. The business meeting ahead or just over. These musings allow my mind to make other connections and often give me something I can write about.

I have a bookshelf in my home office as well as a dedicated library in our home. My family all love reading so when we designed our home we made sure we included a library. We just didn’t make it big enough! My office library is fairly well ordered but the other library … it has books everywhere. There are floor to ceiling shelves that are packed tight with other books balanced in piles on the edge. There are books on top of books if I can just wedge one more in.

The computer desk we built for the kids is piled with miniature books and books that have inscriptions going back to 1880. These have been sorted but there isn’t room on the shelves for them, yet. Many of these books are family treasures that need to be stored properly. It’s hard to get into the library because of the boxes of books on the floor. Every time I go to an Op Shop I come home with more books.

When I’m truly stuck for ideas, I need only walk into that room to find inspiration everywhere I look. Pick up a book, any book, and look at the chapter headings. Especially non-fiction books (which take up one side of the room). Instant inspiration for articles.

Tiffany Dow told me about and I can go there and type in any query and have a list of hundreds of ideas I can write about. I can do the same thing in Google or in a forum.

Finding something to write about when you’re stuck for ideas is just a matter of changing your focus. Or thinking outside the square. Open your eyes and your mind and you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Are you ever stuck for ideas concerning what to write about? What methods do you use to stimulate your creative juices. I’d love to hear about them so share them in the comment section below.

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