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Xiaomi 6C would load Snapdragon 835, comes single / double camera versions

Recently, Xiaomi will have a new action. According to the e-pal exposed, Xiaomi will release the high version of Redmi Note 4X, Redmi Pro 2, Xiaomi TV 4, Xiaomi tablet

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Xiaomi novelty: Xiaomi 6 / Redmi Pro 2

Recently, the phone gains high attention besides Samsung S8, there also comes Xiaomi’s new phone. So, whether its new phone could bring us new surprise is what people curious. Xiaomi

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Xiaomi curved screen phone leaked with Snapdragon823+6GB RAM

Earlier there was news that Xiaomi will launch curved screen phone, although at present we haven’t been able to see the appearance of the phone, but according to the latest

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Xiaomi Mi Max new rendering reappeared: the front Home button is missing

According to the Xiaomi official revealed, Xiaomi Mi Max will be officially released on May 10th . Of course, as a large-screen new phone, Xiaomi Mi Max attracted tremendous attention, while

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Latest exposure: Xiaomi Mi 5 will pack MIUI 7, parallel dual camera and ultra-narrow frame

The rumors of Xiaomi Mi 5 never seem to stop before the release of Redmi Note 2 and MIUI 7. People were all talking about the MIUI 7 and Redmi

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Comfirmed: The Xiaomi new flagship is Mi5, with an exterior similar to Mi4 and super narrow metal bezel

There released a group of Xiaomi new flagship smartphone’s product rendering. It is said that the pictures were leaked from FOXCONN, the co-packer of Xiaomi, which means that the product

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Christmas gift!XIAOMI5 and XIAOMI REDMI3 will release with more creative appearance and amazing specs

With the XIAOMI4 becoming the hot seller,the next generations are sparked.Recently,there are so much leaked informations of XIAOMI latest products.Besides,the latest smartphones will be  named as the XIAOMI5 and XIAOMI

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The First Xiaomi 4G LTE Smartphone—Redmi NOTE 4G Pro Announced

In 6th August, Xiaomi phone had announced its’ first 4G LTE Smartphone—Redmi NOTE 4G Pro, which is upgraded from Redmi Note Pro version, and its’ specs is similar to Redmi

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