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Xiaomi Mi5 again revealed new function: will support Windows 10

Xiaomi Mi5 will be officially released on February 24th , it is said that the Mi5 flagship will have high-end and low-end two versions, and in addition to the differences

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MIUI 7 vs Flyme 5: Which customized OS are you leaning toward?

MIUI and Flyme, the 2 famous Chinese OS that born to be rivals, updated to MIUI 7 and Flyme 5 this year respectively. Due to their outstanding performance, the exquisite

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Latest exposure: Xiaomi Mi 5 will pack MIUI 7, parallel dual camera and ultra-narrow frame

The rumors of Xiaomi Mi 5 never seem to stop before the release of Redmi Note 2 and MIUI 7. People were all talking about the MIUI 7 and Redmi

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High-end flagship smartphone battle: Is Meizu MX4 Pro able to withstand the challenge from the 4GB RAM Xiaomi Mi Note Pro?

In addition to ZTE, Huawei, Coolpad and Lenovo, the most powerful Chinese smartphone brands on the market are Xiaomi and Meizu. Both companies started with user-friendly pricing strategy. Now, they

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Fancy Golden & Android King, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro vs Xiaomi Mi Note Comaprison

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro was finally launched on May 6th after 4 months’ hard-wworking. Different from the already launched Mi Note, Mi Note Pro regained Xiaomi’s ‘ To be Fanatical’

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More than MIUI6! Xiaomi new MIOS operation system is upcoming

There are news that Xiaomi has been devoted to develop the autonomic smartphone operating system MIOS.The system is based on FirefoxOS of depth customization,through the highly optimization of xiaomi,the operation