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In 2017, 9 Types of new phones Preemptive released including Brand of Samsung / ZTE / ASUS / Nokia

2017 has passed two weeks, now let’s review the new phone debut in first few days of 2017. Phone Type:Samsung Galaxy A3/A5/A7 ( 2017) Launch Date: January 3th   In

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Nokia 6 ruggedness test: Smashes Walnuts with Ease

At CES2017, Nokia finally announced a return again, it is reported that the original Nokia veteran team created a new Finnish company called HMD, the latest news revealed that the

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International Version Meizu MX4 is coming soon, Software System will be designed by Nokia

As Meizu has got a reputation in the overseas market, it makes sense that there will be a international version of the hot selling Meizu MX4. However, what different is

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Nokia Back with Low-end Android Based Nokia X series Phone

Under the strong spotlight, Nokia android based phone is coming, Nokia X series. Inherited with the aim for mid-range customers, Nokia X series is a new affordable phone, pricing at