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OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition

As it said that OnePlus always give us surprise, like OnePlus 3 goes though to OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5 to OnePlus 5T, especially Lava Red a stunning style always arrows

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OnePlus 3T VS OnePlus 3: What is the difference between them?

Yesterday, OnePlus company released its new device OnePlus 3T in the overseas, also announced OnePlus 3T China version will be launched on Nov. 29th  in Beijing, at that time, this

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Upgraded to the latest Snapdragon821 processor: OnePlus 3T price exposed

Earlier there was news that OnePlus would launch the OnePlus 3 upgraded version, and named as OnePlus 3T, the new phone will be upgraded in the configuration, and now, the

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One Plus 3 Teardown Review: The latest Flagship Product with 6GB RAM/Snapdragon 820 Processor

Most of you whom have One Plus 3 may ask a question : how to remove the parts? And now, we will show you to how to remove the parts

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OnePlus3 five back shells hands-on experience

When OnePlus 3 released, this company also launched 5 back shell accessories, we know many people wonder how the 5 back shell experience is, now let’s watch the latest hands-on

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OnePlus 3 certified by FCC in the US, back cover leaked with photo

Since OnePlus’ first device was released, the company has got much attention from the overseas market. And now the third generation OnePlus 3 is about to come. Recently, OnePlus 3

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OnePlus 3 finally surfaced, exactly the same as the rendering leaked: simple design but looks nice

After a long time’s wait, OnePlus 3 is finally about to come. We’ve heard a lot of information and rumors about this flagship. And now, all the details are confirmed.

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Leaked: OnePlus3 to take the lead in using Android N!

Last night, OnePlus CEO and their brand spokesperson released their selfies, and then OnePlus 3 configuration screenshot was exposed once again. It is worth noting that, according to the leaked