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OnePlus Explain Why They Choose Dash Charge Not Wireless Charging

Tow days ago, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau published a post on OnePlus’s forum to talk about the 3.5mm headphone port and explained what they keeping this device. Meanwhile, the users

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OnePlus 3T VS OnePlus 3: What is the difference between them?

Yesterday, OnePlus company released its new device OnePlus 3T in the overseas, also announced OnePlus 3T China version will be launched on Nov. 29th  in Beijing, at that time, this

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Upgraded to the latest Snapdragon821 processor: OnePlus 3T price exposed

Earlier there was news that OnePlus would launch the OnePlus 3 upgraded version, and named as OnePlus 3T, the new phone will be upgraded in the configuration, and now, the

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OnePlus3 five back shells hands-on experience

When OnePlus 3 released, this company also launched 5 back shell accessories, we know many people wonder how the 5 back shell experience is, now let’s watch the latest hands-on

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OnePlus 3 released today with Snapdragon820 and 6GB RAM, priced at 2499 yuan

Today, OnePlus company officially released its new generation of flagship killer, OnePlus 3, it is reported that the price is 2499 yuan, and officially put on sale on June 16th .

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Leaked: OnePlus3 to take the lead in using Android N!

Last night, OnePlus CEO and their brand spokesperson released their selfies, and then OnePlus 3 configuration screenshot was exposed once again. It is worth noting that, according to the leaked

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Exclusive: OnePlus3 HD image exposed with Snapdragon820+6GB RAM

Just now, Evleaks sent out a piece of the upcoming new phone renderings, and it is exactly the long-rumored OnePlus3 phone. From the leaked pictures point of view, the appearance

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OnePlus3 rendering video leaked: Appearance/Configuration fully unveiled

OnePlus latest flagship OnePlus 3 recently repeatedly exposed, nowadays, OnePlus phone Post Bar even released the rendering video of the device, including the overall appearance design and hardware configuration, do