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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Smartphone Released: Full Screen design ,4000mAh Battery

Today’s news report, Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has been officially released in August 7, which will formally on sale in August 11st, with Meteor Gray /Titanium two colors. Samsung Galaxy

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In 2017, 9 Types of new phones Preemptive released including Brand of Samsung / ZTE / ASUS / Nokia

2017 has passed two weeks, now let’s review the new phone debut in first few days of 2017. Phone Type:Samsung Galaxy A3/A5/A7 ( 2017) Launch Date: January 3th   In

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Shocking! Replacing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s screen will cost $270, equal to buy a brand new Xiaomi Mi5

Recently, Samsung released its new-generation flagship device, namely the latest Galaxy Note 7. The phone uses a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED curved edge display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440

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Samsung will Announced its’ Lastest Flagship Product—Galaxy Note 4 in 3rd September

According to Korea Times reports, Samsung will announce its’ lastest flagship smartphone—Galaxy Note 4 on IFA 2014 Exhibition, which will open in 3rd September, and IFA is one of the

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Samsung Note 4 New Techology Unveiled with Retina Recognition

After Samsung Note 3 had announced, more and more people had started to focus on the next generation of Samsung product—Samsung Note 4; however, there still hadn’t more specs informations

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Customers Complain Samsung Galaxy S5 poor quality, worse than Chinese Clones

As a new flagship of Samsung, Galaxy S5 attracted engouh attention from lanchment. But once it is listed, complain comes as flood, some customers said it is even worse than

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Clone, Goophone S5 will be on Sale with the original at the same time

Once Samsung launched their next generation smart phone, samsung galaxy S5 on MWC, Goophone has listed their new phone, goophone s5,  an out-and-out galaxy s5 clone as reaction at the