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The affordable and high-quality Ulefone flagships available for sale at vifocal, which one will be your best choice?

Ulefone, a Chinese phone manufacturer, has launched a number of high-quality handsets in 2015, including Ulefone Paris/ Power/Be Touch 2, etc, like many hottest smartphones, they are equipped with some

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Hot recommends: the latest high cost-performance octa-core 4G LTE smartphones with powerful function available for sale on vifical, which one is the most affordable?

Nowadays, the Chinese smartphone market are packed with a number of high cost-performance devices, these phones are known for high configuration and low-cost price. More importantly, these phones are carefully

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What kind of mobile phones are the 64-bit MTK MT6752 Octa Core?

The phone market from single-core to octa-core, the Mediatek has always been at the forefront, and now it stepped into the 64-bit times, with the release of Google 64-bit system,

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Top 5 affordable smartphones are equipped with advanced Fingerprint Touch ID/3GB RAM/High-speed 4G LTE, Which one will you prefer?

At present, the fingerprint scanner has become an important reference index for us to buy new smartphone, as you may know , the fingerprint scanner function is a high-end encryption

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【Giveaway】Like and Share Ulefone Be Touch 2 To Win Free Xiaomi Power Bank

Dear friends , thanks for your support for Vifocal site. Now, we are holding a new Giveaway activity, if you like and share #Ulefone Be Touch 2, you will have

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Getting excellent deals on the latest 4G LTE smartphones: great design & mainstream specs, from entry-level to high-end for all budgets!

Choosing the right smartphone is quite important. Because smartphone is an indispensable companion to us today, it is the most personal and useful device in our daily lives to help