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Shocking! Replacing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s screen will cost $270, equal to buy a brand new Xiaomi Mi5

Recently, Samsung released its new-generation flagship device, namely the latest Galaxy Note 7. The phone uses a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED curved edge display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440

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How to Replace Xiaomi Mi5 Cracked LCD Screen?

In recent years, the domestic mobile phone brand Xiaomi is growing rapidly, due to its cheap price and high cost performance, Xiaomi series phone is quite popular, especially its Xiaomi

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Domestic Flagship Firefight! Letv Le Max 2 VS Xiaomi Mi5 VS Huawei P9, Which one would you buy?

Yesterday, Letv held the new product release conference, and launched three new phones, respectively Le2, Le2 Pro, Le Max 2 three phones. From the configuration point of view, Le Max

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Flagship Duel! HTC10 VS Huawei P9 VS Xiaomi Mi5 VS LG G5 VS Samsung S7, which one would you buy?

Last night, HTC 10 was officially released, and the international version of this phone is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 820 processor, which is very competitive in the current flagship

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Xiaomi Mi 5S/Xiaomi Mi Note2 first exposed: Force Touch screen+ Ultrasonic fingerprint recognition

Xiaomi Mi5 has been listed, it should be considered to be the top-level flagship of Xiaomi in the first half of this year. Although Xiaomi Mi5 has sold for a

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Xiaomi Mi5 today released in Indian: May be priced at 25000INR

In the beginning of this month, Xiaomi held a launch event in India, and officially launched the Redmi Note3, priced at 9999 Indian rupees(about 971 yuan). But, although the Redmi

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 shellacking? Xiaomi Mi5 and Samsung S7 Speed Comparison test

Before, we tested Samsung S7 and Xiaomi Mi5 two phones, and we found that in terms of camera performance, Xiaomi Mi5 is obviously inferior to Samsung S7. In fact, for

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Xiaomi Mi 5 VS Samsung S7 Edge: OIS camera feature comparison

In the previous conference, Lei Jun claimed that Xiaomi Mi5 will be equipped with ten kinds of “Black technology”. In regard to the camera, in addition to Sony new IMX298