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Xiaomi Mi 5s Teardown reveals it’s easy to repair

On September 27th , Xiaomi Mi5s was officially released, the new phone comes with an all-metal design with four color options, dark gray, silver, gold and rose gold. It’s curvier and smoother in terms of design as compared to its predecessor. The metal gets a matte anodizing finish to give it a unique look. On the front, the phone features 2.5D glass, giving it a slightly curved feel. The overall design looks pretty perfect. In price, Xiaomi Mi5s has two versions, 3GB+64GB version is priced at 1999 yuan; 4GB+128GB version will cost 2299 yuan, the latter is the high-end version.


In the aspects of configuration, the Xiaomi Mi 5S comes with the powerful 2.15GHz Snapdragon821 processor, there’s LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB / 128GB UFS 2.0 high-speed memory. The phone features a 5.15-inch 1920 x 1080p display, 7.25mm all-metal body, covered with 2.5D curved glass. Other specs include 3200mAh battery and 18W fast charging, Sony IMX398 12.0MP main camera, dual SIM and full network 4G+, Dual-band dual antenna MIMO Wi-Fi.

While these specs are pretty good, what’s really the highlight of the Xiaomi Mi 5S is its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.Yes, it will be the first mass produced smartphone to feature the advanced ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The sensor is located below the glass, without the need for any opening in the display panel.

There is no doubt that such a high cost-performance device is pretty good! But for the Xiaomi Mi5s interior structure and workmanship, we seem to know nothing. And now we want to do Xiaomi Mi5s’s complete disassemble to help you learn about the phone.

Xiaomi Mi5s Disassemble


As you can see, we got a dark gray version of Xiaomi Mi5S, the phone uses all-metal unibody fuselage, the metal back shell uses a matte anodizing finish, making it have a exquisite appearance.


Xiaomi Mi 5s still supports dual SIM dual standby (dual Nano SIM card), support the entire network, not support for storage card expansion. Card slot uses the fool proof design, to avoid damaging the SIM card slot. But before the teardown, you’d better to power off the phone, and then you need to remove the SIM card slot on the side of the fuselage. As shown in the image.


The metal shell and the fuselage are fixed by six screws, so you need to remove the six hexagonal screw, to separate the metal shell from the body. As shown in the image.


After removing the screws, the fuselage and the back shell are connected through the left and right sides of card buckle, so we can easily remove the back shell.


In the metal back cover attached to a large area of graphite heat dissipation stickers(as shown in the image), the upper and lower part adds the injection molding part, to ensure a good signal overflow.

The injection molding part reserved for the main camera fixed position, to prevent the camera position offset. In addition, through the injection molding, Xiaomi Mi5s can insulate the headphone jack.


In the internal structure of the fuselage, Xiaomi Mi 5s still uses commonly three-stage layout design, and reserved for enough space to the battery compartments.


As shown in the image, we can see a plastic protection case above the motherboard, and on the protection case, there is one screw covered with fragile stickers, which means if we replace the battery, and complete the following operation, we will lose the free warranty service.


The protection case and the fuselage are connected through many screws, while multiple connectors on the motherboard are also fixed. So when dismantle the protection case, we need to be careful.


The fixed way of the battery has changed, Xiaomi Mi 5s battery is secured to the fuselage by means of two seamless pull glue, The advantage of doing so is to facilitate the battery repair and replacement in the future.

Xiaomi Mi 5s is equipped with a 3200mAh lithium polymer battery(Operating voltage: 3.85V, charging voltage: 4.4V).


In the bottom of the fuselage, there are the speaker, USB Type-C port, Microphone, vibrating motor and so on(as shown in the image). Xiaomi Mi5s screen supports 3D Touch technology.


One-piece loudspeaker module close-up. At the same time, we can see the antenna shrapnel on the module, which is also the signal overflow channel.


The bottom sub-board close-up. We can find the USB Type-C port, while the Type-c port exterior adds the insulation protection.


The ultrasonic fingerprint recognition module close-up. The ultrasonic fingerprint is to use high-resolution ultrasonic scanning fingerprints, to generate the 3D model of the fingerprint.


Screen touch chip close-up. Xiaomi Mi 5s adopts the S3331 touch chip from Synaptics.


Below the motherboard, due to using the anti-roll metal material, Xiaomi Mi 5s adds the corresponding groove partition to act as shielding case, contributes to reduce the thickness of the fuselage. In addition, we can also see, in the important chip position added heat dissipation treatment.


Front-facing/rear-facing camera close-up. And the rear-facing camera is a big highlight of Xiaomi Mi5s. Using 1/2.3 inch Sony IMX378 12.0MP sensor. In the actual shooting experience, Xiaomi Mi 5s shows the dark-light shooting advantage.

This time, Xiaomi Mi 5s does not add optical image stabilization, perhaps to keep the lens not raised.


Light distance sensor module.


Motherboard close-up.

At the top of the motherboard, we can see the signal shrapnel, noise-canceling microphone, NFC antenna and 3.5mm headphone jack, there is no more space to place infrared recognition module.


Through the teardown, we will find out that Xiaomi Mi 5s interior layout is quite good, the metal back cover adds the injection molding, looks quite exquisite, while adding heat dissipation process, such as the metal back cover with graphite stickers, main chip with silicon grease, camera and part of shielding case covered with  copper foil. In addition, in order to ensure the thickness of the fuselage, Xiaomi Mi5s gives up using optical image stabilization. At the same time, owing to using large size sensor, canceling the infrared recognition function. Overall, Xiaomi Mi 5s interior looks compact but rational, the whole disassemble process is relatively simple, easy to repair, but if the ultrasonic fingerprint recognition function is damaged, the phone maintenance difficulty will get bigger.

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