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Xiaomi MIX Tear Down showing internal workmanship

The Repairing tools:  
As all we know that in last year.Xiaomi released an attractive phone, which is Xiaomi MIX. On designing aspect, it is consist of ceramic material, among of the border connected the back cover by non adhesive tenon buckle type, in which the screen to ratio higher to 93.1%, used ceramic acoustic system to replace traditional receiver, the electrical signal is converted to machine energy via piezoelectric ceramic, you can also answer the phone without receiver on condition of fuselage sound. Moreover, it can also utilize the ultrasonic instead of IR distance sensor. This is also a big highlight in the phone industry, attracted lots of people’s attentions since it published.

Xiaomi MIX powered by a 6.4 inch display, loads Snapdragon 821 processor, operates combinations of 4GB RAM +128GB ROM and 6GB RAM +256GB ROM, be provided with 5MP front facing camera and 16MP main camera, set the fingerprint on the back, and its battery capacity is 4400mAh, supporting dual SIM / dual standby connectivity network. In terms of the configuration, which is really excellent, and what the internal workmanship it is? Today, let’s make a dismantling for it.

Disassemble tool: screwdriver, tweezers, crowbar, sucker  

Before dismantling, the first thing we need to do is to power off and then remove SIM tray.

Due to use buckle type connection, it easily use the sucker to separate the back cover and front facing part.

Because the btb of the fingerprint line is fixed under the plastic bracket, so only by removing the plastic guard can the fingerprint module separate from the body. It can be seen that this phone uses the classical three-stage design, on the upper is the motherboard, in the middle is the battery, and the small board on the lower, and there are lots of screws fixed on the motherboard and small board.

Owing to the screws on the small board is less, first we can remove it. There are five screws on it, after undo the screw then removing the loudspeaker, and line plastic bracket that you can see the front- facing camera, Type-C port .

Type- C port internal display

Use the weezers to remove the camera, because of the body designing issue, the camera has to set at the bottom.

Next, disassemble the motherboard, first to remove the screws, and you can see that the antenna module covered on the plastic bracket. Then look at the main camera, beside it is LED and springs connections.

When remove the cover plate, as it shown that parts of the components protected by metal shield.

Take down the rear camera.

The circuit board also marked with the manufactures’ information

The headset socket is welded on the motherboard, and the vibration used double-sided adhesive fixed on the phone to connect with the motherboard by contacts.

Part of component on btb copulation looks very solid.

The workmanship of some part of the component is really excellent, dual SIM tray also design in buckle style.


Next, let’s have a look at the storage chip, power touch IC, Qualcomm 3.0 fast charge chip, in which these chips are soldered within the metal  border.


This phone adopted a 4400mAh battery capacity, which is enough for using.

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