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Shooting comparison: Huawei P10 Plus VS iPhone 7 Plus

In MWC 2017, Huawei, as the whole audience’s focus, officially released the new product of P series- Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. At that time, there was someone took P10 for a testing, to make the people have a comprehensive perceive on it. Recently, we also hold Huawei P10 Plus on hands, in view of this phone with a stronger shooting function, and now let’s first to look at its image strength.

Huawei P10 Plus loads the new generation of dual Leica camera, the specs display a difference compared with Huawei P9 Plus, no matter from those points of view of  original lens or the basic specs, and the shooting capability is worthy expecting.  Today, we will introduce iPhone has been always as the benchmark to versus it. Of cause, this iPhone named as iPhone 7 Plus also equips with dual lens

“New generation” and “Original generation”
Be the same as Huawei P10, P10 Plus utilizes the camera combinations of 12MP RGB + 20mp Monochrome, among of RMG lens is used to record image color, monochrome lens is used to adjust image brightness and details capture, improve picture’s resolution.

As matter of fact, the Leica lens uses on Huawei P10 Plus belongs to the new generation, of which this phone adopts more higher-end SUMMILUX lens that be known as using the world’s most advance photography technology to create art portrait photography effect.

By comparison, the dual lens of iPhone 7 Plus is more mysterious, which is the first type loads dual lens in iPhone family. However, its main camera pixels show a little different, one is 12MP in 28mm, with f/1.8 aperture, and the other one also be 12MP, but the size is 56mm, with F/2.8 aperture.

It is notable that each of them lens uses RGB sensor. In compliance with Apple  configuration list saying, iPhone 7 Plus can reaches “ 2 times optical zoom”, but we found that it will open a camera at any time, actually. Simply speaking, 56mm lens takes the zoom task when 28mm lens zoom to farthest moment, because of smooth processing, to lead to human eyes can’s perceive.

“Natural look” and “ Light makeup”  
After presenting these two phones’ shooting configuration, now it’s time to compare their pictures.

IPhone’s picture is known for faithful reduction,as the picture obviously shows the original appearance, however, Huawei P10 plus shows different feelings absolutely, its image is more transparent, zoom to see the building, that the stereo perception is more stronger, but the sharpness of iPhone 7 Plus seems higher, which can bee seen from the junction of the building and sky.

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