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How to solve the issues that mobile phone fast power consumption?

Phone fast power consumption situation and solutions

1.Phone with virtual electricity:
Even the phone shows full electricity when power on, but connected charger once again which only has 80% about after power off.

Android phone distinguish electricity, according to the voltage ,which the voltage with two recognition modes, one is soft recognition, showing electricity when power on, the other one is hard recognition, connect charger showing electricity on power off situation. Generally speaking, the former one voltage is higher than the later one, so when this condition appear, you will find the electricity use fast.

Solution: First to check whether the phone with virtual electricity, power on with full electricity,and then power off connecting charger to see if still full. If with virtual electricity, power off to full charge then use, to see whether it power consumption fast.

2.Background with many programs, CPU power consumption increased   
There is a bad thing for Android phone, that is when log out program, it also automatically operate on background. And if there is no issue occur on the phone, which these background programs are the biggest culprit in power consumption. What’s more, it also including phone self’s brightness, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth opening, and the other settings, are the big users to consume power.

1.Regular cleaning background programs operation.
2.Turn down brightness, close WIFI,Bluetooth, if not use, and the bottom key with sound or vibration.
3. To see whether install any programs in recent , if yes, first to unload, and then look the power consumption whether recovery in normal.

3.Battery aging   
Smartphone’s lithium battery average life expectancy is 2-3 years, by 400-500 times charge and discharge, aging speed up, less and less durable. Incorrectly using battery in daily, will easy to cause battery aging.

Solution: Take a correct method to use
1.Avoid transient discharge, try not to use the phone on condition of electricity below 20%, especially electricity with 5% , or it will cause irreversible damage to the battery.

2.When the electricity last 40%, which is the best state for lithium battery, because the battery’s voltage is not too high or too low in this situation. The higher electricity , the faster recession, compared with 50% electricity, putting the phone with 100% electricity in a month, the later one capacity decline is bigger than former one. So, don’t keep the electricity with 100% for long, it will affect battery life in some degree.

3.To avoid using in high or lowest temperature, charging on these to situations will damage the battery, probably lead to explode by high temperature, and bring a great impact for battery life by low temperature.

4. Avoid battery without any electricity for long period, if put in this situation, perhaps phone is not able to power on.

5. Using original charger, check battery usage lifespan and quality guarantee period. You’d better power on or not use when charging, because it not only good for battery, but also can full charge fast.

How to judge battery has been aging or not?
1.If the battery has been used for a year approx, take usual using habits, if battery charge full fast, and consume fast, perhaps it begins aging.

2.Check battery to see if there exist drums, if have, it not only aging, but it can’t use any more. To be safe, replace a new battery at soon.
3. Using for a period of time, if phone body heating all the time, please quickly replacing it.

4.Phone board short circuit, leakage 

Solution: Take your phone to after-sales maintenance point , or some regular phone repair shop to check.

5. Improper brushing     
In order to get Root authority or other kinds of factors, most people do brush when hold a new phone. But not for long, it can be found that phone is easy to come various issues, especially power consumption will increase rapidly. One other factor is brushing incompletely, lead programs error, then repeat operate programs.

Solution: Ask for a help from professional person,to re-brushing, brush back to original system or Official ROM system, then manage the system boot and self-starting software, the problem can be solved.

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