Instructions on how to unlock Face ID while wearing a super easy mask

Facemasks are now an indispensable piece of jewellery for every person, but for iPhone users to use Face ID, it’s a disaster because they can’t use faces to unlock them. But with the following simple tip, you can open Face ID while wearing a super easy mask.

First, you need to prepare yourself a piece of paper (preferably white paper), an iPhone with Face ID (this must be there already), and a face (yours).

After you get started, open up the Face ID setting on your iPhone by going to Settings> Face ID & Password> Create Face ID.

When scanning Face ID you will have to perform two times, at the first scan, you use a piece of paper to cover 1/4 of the face below.

Now try to put on the mask to unlock and see if it is okay. If not, then try again until you wear a mask and can still unlock it is finished, I decided the 2nd time. Remember to keep the paper so that when rotating the face, it even covers 1/4 of your face.

I wish you success if you find it useful don’t forget to share, so everyone knows.

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