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Five Droid Applications for Better Health

With thousands of applications for smart phones using the Android operating system, it can be difficult to sort out the ones that are worth using. The market for health and wellness applications is not underserved-in fact, there are applications that do everything from count calories at burger joints to recommending first-aid responses. These top-five Droid apps will keep smartphone users healthy and safe.
• First-Aid. The First-Aid Droid app is designed to give users advice for a number of emergency response procedures. The application features advice for first-response actions to emergencies such as poisoning, wounds and bleeding, and how to act around a potentially harmful situation. The app also has a “My Kit” option which allows users to bookmark useful information; it also has a feature that debunks several health myths.

• FitSync. Though the free First-Aid app could save a life, the FitSync app has the potential to make life healthier. The application offers access to a database filled with over 1500 exercise demos , 360 daily workout plans and 50 different fitness regiments. After installation, the app will sync input data with the website The app also makes fitness information available at the tap of a screen.

• DroidFit. Though similar,DroidFit does offer some things that FitSync does not. In addition to tracking fitness routines and workout plans, the DroidFit app also calculates the user’s 1-rep maximum lift, time between sets as well as body statistics. DroidFit also has a visual interface to help users select exercises that target specific muscle groups.

• Buddy Runner. As the name implies, Buddy Runner is an app for outdoor runners and walkers. With the functionality of a personal trainer and a GPS unit, Buddy Runner keeps track of running routes, distance, time and pace while also saving history and creating visuals to analyze workout data-all with a privacy protection feature. Users can also program the app to announce workout data at pre-programmed rest points. After the workout, Buddy Runner can also sync running and walking routes to Google Maps.

• Lightning Bug-Sleep Clock. The workout, no matter if it involves weights and fitness-center routines or cross-country running, is complete-it’s time to rest. The Lightning Bug-Sleep Clock application is designed to aid in shutting out the surrounding world so users can get some sleep; this might look like an ostentatious app, but it’s not: sleep is integral to good health and can even impact how the human body reacts to exercise. With features like a wave imitator and a lightning imitator, white noise and more, this app will tone the world out for anyone.

Health takes many forms-it’s not just the physical appearance of a person’s body, but how well-rested and how well-nourished the body is. These apps are just a point of departure for the wealth of information available for people-regardless of their smartphone platform-to get into better health. /

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