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Discover How to To Optimize Your ScrapeBoard

The scrapeboard is a state of the art tool designed to deliver proxies automatically. The intention of the too is to create profile links, post messages in forum and gather lists of relevant forums. Making money online can be hectic since you will need more data, links, time and money to make your content visible to more customers. Luckily, the scraperboard eliminates this hassle since it provides a convenient way through which you can send posts and back links to thousands of relevant sites with just a single hit of a button.

In case you have had little success with sending posts and back links, scrapeboard is designed for you. The tool is integrated with state of the art tools that help in browsing through hundreds of sites analyzing appropriate websites to link back to. The sites, forums and blogs where it sends the links or any other information you would like is determined through the keywords you are intending to use.

For you to create profile links and post messages, you need to have a comprehensive list of the places where you will post these contents. Scrapeboard has multi-threaded harvester with ability to gather relevant references in just a few minutes. The main advantage of the robot is the fact that you are not limited to specific niche; you can search forums, sites and blogs among other relevant locations.

The usability of the software has also been made a breeze to provide the optimum user experience irrespective of the skills of an individual. For example, if you want to search through specific contents such as government website, you only need to store site: .gov and scrapeboard will look for relevant content from the content of the site. On the other hand, if you want to know the number of pages that have been indexed by the search engines from your site, enter site: and scrapeboard will do the rest of the calculations. The software also makes it possible to import or export keywords lists in form of regular .txt files making Scrapeboard an essential unit for using alongside SEO and other keyword tools. The possibilities for dominating over your competition with this tool are endless.

Proxy harvester Scrapeboard has an in-built proxy harvester with capability of gathering proxies from various sites. The tools then tests and chooses the best options. With the tool, you can Export, Import, Paste in or Tick appropriate Proxies then the tool will do Pagerank Checking, Harvesting and Forum Account Creation Operations with the proxies so that you remain invisible and your original IP will not have to undergo the rigmarole `Automated Queries’ often encountered when conductive intensive keyword search. The software does also support the personalize proxies that need username and Password confirmation. You will also benefit from the in-built proxy checker that ensures the proxies are in perfect working condition. The proxies also rotated automatically and occasionally to ensure you will not keep using one unit all the time.

Bulk PageRank Checker This application allows the unit to check PageRank of mass URLs within few minutes. In fact, the speed of analyzing the PR of different URLs is approximately 100 URLs per second. Whether you are searching for backlink opportunities, conducting competitor look or you simply want to know the PR of the URLs in your site, this tool comes in handy. Every webmaster seeking to establish authoritative backlinks is suited by this application.

Effective automation tool To automate tasks, tasks are chained with Scrapeboard Job Manager. When you want the task done, you will only need to load the job file and hit start for the task to be accomplished. The rest of the work shall be accomplished for you. Examples of the tasks that can be accomplished on auto-pilot include: testing, harvesting and clearing damaged proxies among other jobs.

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