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Building A Wind Power Generator Yourself

There are various components required when you are building your own wind power generator in order for it to work properly. These components include a tower, a generator, the rotor blades, the yaw mechanism and various others.

Wind energy is an amazing solution to a low cost form of electricity designed to put out less pollution into the atmosphere and save you money on your monthly bill. Many people are very happy with the solution of alternative energy solutions because they save a lot of money each month. In addition, this is a very easy system to install in your home and you will eventually absorb the costs later.

When you build a wind-powered solution at home, you will need a generator. Wind power does not depend upon grid power, as does a solar source of alternative energy. Using the alternator of a car is the best means of having a generator for your home solution of wind power. However, there are disadvantages to this type of generator. They include the need to drive at high speeds to get the best output of energy.

There may not be enough power to generate energy while using lower wind speed. Therefore, you may want to purchase a permanent magnet generator, if you are not interested in using a car alternator. A permanent magnet generator provides you with the power you need to accomplish this project.

You can make your own blades when you make your own wind turbine system for alternative energy. Many people choose to carve them out of wood. There are places that you can buy your own blades that are ready made if you don’t want to carve them. Just remember that the blades will spin on the rotor at high speeds at times and you have to think about safety at all times. Think about protection and anything that could happen.

When you build your own wind alternative energy source at home, you will also need to consider the wind factor. If you live in an area of insufficient winds the system will not work as well as it should. You need winds of more that 6 miles per hour to generate energy. If you do not have any more than that, you may not be able to store enough energy to power anything.

A tower is another thing that you need when you install a wind turbine system at your home for alternative energy sources. If you live in a home owner’s association neighborhood then this may be out of the question, no matter how big your lot is. A tower should be up to 80 feet high to capture the highest wind speeds and to be the most effective. This may be too much of an eye sore for an HOA to allow you to put in your neighborhood.

There are many factors to consider when you are planning to build a wind alternative energy source at home. For instance, you need to ensure that you do get the type of wind speed required for building your own turbine system at home. You can also find what you need by shopping with local retailers.

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