Business Benefits Of Popular Walkie Talkie Phones

Regarded by many as the best of both worlds because they have the capability of both open communication and earpiece listening, these popular walkie talkie phones are not newcomers to either industry where previously telephones and walkie talkie devices were only available as separate pieces of equipment. Today, many of the big names in cellular devices such as Nextel, Blackberry, Motorola, Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS are all putting their selections into the market and creating a whole new world of popular communication devices that are designed to give users all of the necessary features of 2 in 1 convenient and easy to use device. Other manufacturers like Nokia and AT&T Wireless are also close ranking competitors as well.

What makes these devices so popular? More importantly, what should you look for when deciding on which of these popular walkie talkie phones to purchase? If you are in the market for a cell phone that offers the added functionality of a walkie talkie, you need to know what’s on the market and how to choose a device that will meet your needs. For example, certain brands and models may be perfect for your need if you have a workforce that will need to communicate across a construction site or several sites in various locations across the country.

One of the features that have revolutionized wireless communication for many businesses is the push-to-talk (PTT) function (similar to walkie talkie) on most of the phone. This IP-based functionality lets the user simply push a button and communicate with a party on the other end for as long as the button is held down. There is no need to make a phone call at all. The usefulness of this feature can be increased exponentially when it comes down to urgent matters that need to be communicated instantly and there is no time to dial a telephone number and wait for the conversation to begin.

Communication with a group is even more simplified with walkie talkie phones. One person can speak and an entire group of people, all in different locations, can hear the voice. The speaking person can rotate among different assigned groups with the same results. Each person can be heard with the same clarity as if everyone was standing in the same room, a listening distance apart. Contracts can be negotiated, deals done and projects completed without the need for having everyone travel to the same location.

Because the battery life is longer than that of a traditional two-way communicator, these popular walkie talkie phones provided longer, better communication options. Most major providers do not charge any extra for the PTT service and offer coverage nationwide. The versatility of walkie talkie phones lets you switch back and forth easily so that communication can continue, even if there are areas where cell phone calls cannot be received. With greater communication capability and access to all of the features of a cell phone and a walkie talkie, these devices are also leaving the production lines in smaller, compact sizes designed to fit into a purse or pocket with ease.

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