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Cortana Reached Prematurely Android

The company Microsoft already announced its intention to take public Cortana to other mobile platforms beyond Windows Phone . And it seems that technology companies are betting strong by attendees voice, although not one of the most used features in smartphones . In any case, Cortana has already been allowed to see the Android platform by filtration or beta testing. Something that gives us many clues of what will be able to do once you arrive officially the platform of Google .

This is the leak of a version that is still in the testing phase . That is why its operation could not be definitive, improving in some aspects and adding more features in their final version . However, at the moment, it seems that Microsoft is on track leading to Cortana to other platforms. Especially when you can battle against Google Now , if only in certain areas, so it has been viewed.

Simply install the .apk file that is distributed over the Internet (download and installation is under the responsibility of each user, taking into account that it is not an official version) as if it were an application to use. After it is necessary to introduce a user account Microsoft or necessarily create a contact to start this wizard. Of course, keep in mind that, for now, the beta version leaked is only available in English , which means to speak or write in this language to interact with Cortana . We must not forget that it is an unfinished version of the application.

From the moment the user experience is very similar to that seen in Windows Phone . And the design and appearance of respecting Cortana also on Android . You just have to type a question in the text box , or throw it out loud after clicking the microphone icon. Of course, in English , but with a listening remarkable. And it is that Cortana is able to perfectly understand natural language, although with certain limits. Thus, it is possible to search for any online , ensuring that the wizard will present the results related directly on screen, or a series of related results that can help the user.

Along with the consultations, Cortana also has the power to make small actions and tasks in the terminal itself . And not only that, but integrates with the company’s own services Microsoft to create reminders, meet the user’s calendar events and other data that the user has pointed at onedrive or have partners in their mail account Outlook .

In short, an application that aims ways. And, to get localized and the Castilian also understanding natural language, it could be an interesting alternative in Android . Yes, it is very difficult to compete with Google Now , which is supported by all the services Google to collect user data and present personalized and interesting information before the user requests it. A differentiator that Microsoft could still find and enter into the final version of Cortana, beyond target the interests and history of user searches on yournotebook or notebook . We will remain expectant.

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