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10 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic To Your Site

Are you new to blogging? Increasing Blog traffic is a tough job for a blogger. If you are getting a Low traffic, then it became frustrating. What Are the Ways through which you can increase blog traffic from 400 views to 6000 views a day?


We all know content is a king of everything. If your content is unique and giving some extra knowledge, then it will be useful for the reader. Everyone wants to create a viral content which comes in top Google search, but most of the blogger fails to do.

If you see famous successful blogger, notice what ther are doing extra to stand out of crowd

The first secret is to write the great heading, which can attract the audience. Most of the people see the headline and they decide whether to click on an article or not.
The Second secret is to write a lengthy article. According to survive the most shared article was the lengthy one. I will suggest write article between 2000 words to 8000 words.
The Third secret is to have a killer idea for your post so that it can go viral

If you have less secure in Page Speed Insight, which is Google product then you will reach low traffic on your site. You can check the speed of your site here:

If you want to make your site popular then start doing guest posting and you should accept the guest post too for your site. As other writer writes in your blog they will promote the content to their reader.
If you are thinking of guest post, then you have to see these things

The idea of using this to share the content. This is a way to provide a reader to share a content, as we are suggesting the user to tweet the article.

This is a natural way to share the content and your content will get more exposure. Click to tweet is creating a tweet in a quote from the article. When you click on that then it will tweet in user account who is clicking it.,

Know your site loading time it is important that you’re loading time should be less than others. Users don’t want to wait to load the site.

If your blog is taking more than, 13 sec then no user will stay on your site. They will go to another blog to see the content.

Some Best tip to load your blog faster

* Don’t activate too many plug-ins on the website, even don’t put too many widgets on the home page. Use the only important widget on your site. Select only a few important widgets because there are thousands of plug-ins available in the Word Press. · Theme should be responsive and attractive.
* Use WP Smash it for compressing the image. It will speed up your website.
* Optimize the site from CPanel in your site.

Make your good blogger friends and which can help you anytime in your blog. Sometimes you can also help him and sometimes he can help you.

For achieving success in any field, it is important for an individual to keep in mind a proper set goal or target. If from the beginning of your career you set a goal, then there are fewer chances of getting distracted by things. So if a blogger before starting blogging sets a target for his/her blog then it will become easier for him to neglect the unnecessary things and concentrate on achieving the goal, which is of prime importance. Plan an outline before writing. It is also important to plan an outline or framework before start getting indulged in writing. If you are ready with an outline on any given topic, then it will take less time to frame the content into a final product.


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It is much required to make a proper time schedule or routine for efficient working. You work according to the routine you prepare, it will definitely help you in saving a lot of time.


One should make it a habit of prioritizing his/her task and make a short-list of major tasks. It is important to work according to your own interest, as this will give you immense pleasure further making your job simpler and efficient. If you rank your work according to your choice and interest, then it will help you express yourself and will also make your work more time efficient.

If no one is commenting or doing “Nice Post” then you post is not able to get the attention of the readers. You have to restructure your post so that readers get the information from your post.

Bounce Rate – If your site has a high bounce rate then you have to reduce that.

Responsive Layout- If your site is not responsive then the audience will leave your site as it will not be compatible with devices.
Readable Text – If you text is not readable then it will increase your bounce rate. To overcome this problem you have to make text larger, proper formatting of the posts.

Related Post – As the end of the post you can add “Related Post”. This will engage the reader in your website.

Internal Linking of the posts – Internal linking will help to engage the reader of the site. Using proper keywords you can make the text link to another post.

These are the best ways to increase the blog traffic to your site.

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